August 10, 2019


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This week was a pretty normal week for me. I had a ton of hours of class and study. I had tons of food and exercise time every day. We had a devotional on Sunday and Tuesday. This weeks devotionals were awesome as usual. On Sunday we had Brother Weidman speak, and on Tuesday we had Elder Clayton speak. This week we also started our second round of TRC. Our new amigas name is Carolina, and she has started to meet with us to get to know more about the church before she has to start her religion class at BYU this coming semester, but I think that she is getting more than bargained for. So far we have taught her about the plan of salvation, how to pray, and how to repent. She has seen how it can affect her life already. On Monday we taught her how to pray, and then challenged her to pray when she needed help. Then on Tuesday she took a test for one of her classes, and prayed before she started the test. She said the she just prayed that she could focus and do good, and she got the best grade that she has ever got on a test. I was amazed, and we told that it was because of her prayer that she was able to do so well. She is awesome, and trying so hard to do what we ask here to do. She is learning quickly, and progressing really quickly. It is totally awesome to see how happy it has made her. In other news, they are tearing down some of the old buildings here at the MTC, and it has been fun to watch them destroy the buildings. They have a couple of really big track hoes and just rip the walls down and pulled the building over. It is kind of fun to watch. Other than that, I got my flight plans, but I'm not sure that I have my visa yet, and they don't tell us till later this week. In other words, I may be visa waiting somewhere, or I may get to leave on Sunday afternoon like my papers say. I guess I'll find out. Love you all,Elder Wilson


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