February 11, 2017




Elder Hansen


This week has flown by. Crazy that i have already almost been out here a month. This week has been packed full of knowledge. My brain is ready to explode. On sunday we had a devotional. I cant remember what his name was but he was a pretty big deal at BYU i guess. He taught about how we need to have a good attitude and that happiness is a choice. Sunday's are always pretty chill which is nice. All of the elders leaving that week bore there testimony's which was awesome. Most of them left on monday. Monday morning we had another great time trudging through the catacombs of the cafeteria. It is always a good time. Monday was also pretty scary/awesome because me and my companion taught Jose and Heli. They are our district investigator. I think our district is special because i dont think most districts have investigators. It was very scary. We taught them in front of our whole district. Jose kept hounding us with questions and it was very hard to respond to them but we did and the spirit was there. We taught them about revelation. On tuesday, it was a pretty average day. We had a devotional that night with Gerrit Gong. I think that he is in the presidency of the seventy. He talked about how we need to help others grow rather than tearing them down. Its been pretty sweet to have gym time every day. Basketball and volleyball are always the way to go. Wednesday was awesome. We got a bunch of new elders and hermanas! Guess who is in my zone? my good pal Elder Braden Bailey! I was so stoked. It's been awesome to see so many good pals. Elder wyman, decker, busby, kap, bailey and so many more. wednesday night we taught our investigator Veronica again. We taught her about the spirit. She is awesome and i can tell that she is progressing. Thursday was sooooo long. Sitting all day. Friday was great. We taught Veronica again. I dont know if i mentioned this but she is from Ecuador and has no family here. She is at school trying to learn english. She asked about tithing which was hard to explain in spanish but it went well. We then taught her about prayer and how it can help us. The spirit was so strong it was awesome. It still blows my mind that i can give lessons in spanish. The gift of tongues is a real thing. I love going to the temple every week. It is such a blessing. We try to eat at the temple because we need some variety in our diets. The MTC food is pretty gnarly. Thank you to all those who send packages, emails, letters etc. they are such a blessing! I love you all so much and miss you dearly.

The last picture is with some of the Elders that left. they are such good guys. We are showing off our dope paisley ties. As you can see we got dope christmas lights


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