January 28, 2017




Elder Hansen

semana 2

Well everyone made it through my first full week at the MTC! It's pretty crazy here. On monday, the elders in my zone had a service project. We will have one every monday. This service project wasnt really service though, It was more like a tour. We went in the back door of the cafeteria and entered the kitchen. It was pretty crazy. They've got this place down to a science. It was kinda gross though cuz i got to see how all the food is made. mom if you saw the food here you'd freak out. GMO's everwhere. On tuesday we taught our "Investigator" Gaby. She isnt a real investigator, she is actually a teacher here, but shes a pretty good actor :) Its tough to teach lessons in spanish but i love the language and its coming along. That night we had Bishop Waddell of the presiding bishopric speak to us. He talked about how we need to look outward rather than inward. Its pretty cool to have firesides every tuesday and sunday night. On wednesday it was just another basic day. We had class. Class is here is so long. We sit in our classroom for like 9 hours everyday studying but its good. My zone is pretty hilarious. Theres this kid in my zone who is from tennesee and has a southern accent. He's hilarious, its pretty funny to hear him speak spanish. By the end of each night im so exhausted. It's hard to get sleep because Elder Dalley snores incredibly loud. Its like a vaccuum cleaner going through our room its nuts. Ive seen many people here including, Sister Evensen, Elder wyman, Elder Hoffman, Elder Busby, And Elder peterson. Its been so good to see familar faces. Thank you all so much for the emails and packages! they continue to save my life. Love you all so much! talk to you soon!


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