January 21, 2017




Elder Hansen

Semana Numero Uno

What is up family and friends! I made it through the first couple days at the MTC. To be honest the first three days felt like an absolute eternity. You wake up in the morning and work non stop all day. The thing that helps me is that i feel so satisfied at the end of the day with all of the work that i have done. The first day i walk in to class and the teacher is only speaking spanish. So, full immersion right from the get go. It is cool though because i feel like im starting to learn the language, but it is really hard. The mtc is pretty crazy. My district has about 4 elder companionships and 1 sister companionship. my roomates elder call and elder dalley are going to panama, and me and my companion are (obviously) going to fort lauderdale. Elder call is the district leader. (I dont know how to send pictures this week but ill find out and send them next week, sorry)my companion is elder hansen and he is from murray utah. He is a pretty buff guy and plays rugby which is cool. He is super nice though. The sisters in our district are also going to fort lauderdale which is cool. The two other elders in our district are both going to bolivia. My zone is pretty awesome. They are pretty crazy as well. There is this one elder who is canadian who has the thickest accent which is weird because i never knew that canadians had accents. He literally say "ay" all the time. I thought that was a myth. Like he says, " hows the work going ay?" He's a funny guy. The food here is pretty mediocre but its aight. Every one says mondays are the best day for food because it is "cater day" which means i might get chick fil a this monday!!The best is when they got ice cream. THANK YOU SO MUCH SPENCE AND LIZ/CREIGHTON for the the packages! they brightened my day times a million. I love you all so very much. Thank you for the prayers and letters i definitely need them! love elder starley.


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