February 6, 2017


Bella Vista, Mexicalli


Elder Lucas Salvatiera

The day and the Life in Mexicali

This week has actually been really nice like a breath of fresh air.

My new comp (Elder Salvaterra) is really suave. He is a great example and teaches me tones every day about how this work aught to be done.
This week we didn't really have much success in terms of more people to talk to, or more lessons taught. But this week we focused on taking stock of what was really happening in our sector. We took some time to look into some of the rather inflated stats that where given from my old comp and really get a feel for the progress of our area.

This week we are preparing for our first baptism in this area. His name is Ricardo, he lives with his spouse and her siblings. They are all members of the church and have had the blessing of the gospel in their lives. Ricardo has been interested in the church for about 8 years. He talked to the missionaries a little here, a little there, but never really followed up on their invitations. Well this past month and a half he decided to really read and study for himself what he should do. And this week we where talking to him and he had come to the decision that he should be baptized. After he had made this decision the nature of his whole life, family, world began to change before his eyes. The other day when we visited his house, even before we had a chance to talk to him, there was a spirit of happiness in the house. No one could stop smiling.

For me, that is the goal. We will not always be happy in this life. It is necessary for us to feel sadness for us to appreciate the happiness. But we can always have joy and peace. Joy is an enduring peace and happiness that can be felt at any point in our lives.

Alright now for a little bit more about what it is like to live her in Mexicali como un misionero.

Hablo español cada día. Entonces.. when I meet people who speak english and I try to speak english with them it is very dificult a veces.

I have also learned this week, in order to effictively share 5 minuets of material (or to teach something effectivly for 5 minuets) takes about an hour of reading, writing notes, and making plans.

This week in church, the bishop got up to announce whom would be presenting the messages for the meeting (normally the bishop or someone calls you a week or two in advance to ask you if you would prepair a message or ´´give a talk´´) well not this time. The Bishop got up and announced that I would be giving a 10 minute talk after the sacrament. This was rather unexpected pero quite a good experience and a test of my ability to speak Spanish and teach off the cuff.

Here is the picture for the week.


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