January 23, 2017


Bella Vista, Mexicalli


Elder Luis Otamendi

End of Transfer 1

So this week is the last week in my first transfer here in the ´´Field´´. (D&C 4 declares that the ´´Field is white all ready to harvest´´, while talking about missionary work and teaching people about the restored gospel, and so many people call being out on the streets and in peoples homes, as a missionary, ¨´el campo´´ which is field in spanish)´

It’s been good here. Definetly learned lots. Ready for something new. This transfer has required much patience. I’m still waiting for the day when I don’t have to be patient any more. :P

Had a zone conference this week which was great! I got to say hello to many of the other missionaries I met in the CCM including my first companion who also has grown lots in his mission.

Luckily the pipelines where turned back on in our city but we still have protests in the city central which is right next to the church and makes it very hard for members and investigators to come to church. But on the bright side very easy to meet new people and talk with them about our church.

Also this week I have gotten use to everything and so this week was about pushing ahead and striving for more success. This week my comp and I sat down and organized the papers the sisters had left before we got there. We found all sorts of very useful stuff that we could have used a month ago.

Inline image 1
This is the mess it caused in our house, but now it is very neat and very organized.

Also this week we had some of our friends go with us on some visits to members who where struggling in their lives.

This week we received the Plan for the Area Tijuana 2017. In it, it invites us to share a specific message with members and investigators alike.

How can we come to a knowledge of what is true? and how can we strengthen that knowledge after we have learned it?

Simple, just about any high schooler who has stayed up past 1 studying for an exam could tell you. It’s through the scientific approach.

The steps for this process are as following...

1. Identify a problem
2. Identify a question to help you solve this problem
3. Study, research, and gather information to form a hypothesis (which is basically your best guess at the answer)
4. Design and test this answer
5. Verify your results with other known facts
6. Record and Apply this solution

1. Identify the Problem
This is often the easyiest part. Its either ´´I don’t feel close to God´´ or ´´I’m not sure what my purpose is´´ or ´´My family isn’t very close and has many problems´´ or ´´I’m not sure where to turn for the truth about God´´. We all have problems in this life that need answers.

2. Identify the question.
What information could we receive that will help us over come this problem?

3. Study and Research.
Read what you can about the question you have. Make sure what you are reading is verified material. A great place to turn for questions about this life, our families, and our relationship with God, is God’s own prophets, in the Old and New Testaments, as well as the Book of Mormon, D&C, as well as the writings of modern day prophets.

4. Test
When we test what we learn, we apply it in our lives. As the prophet Alma taught in Chapter 32, If the seed be good, then it will begin to grow and we will know by the fruit of the seed what it is a good seed.

5. Verify
Verify what you have learned with other resources. God knows all and is a great resources for all things. James 1:5 teaches that we can ask God for wisdom, and he will give it to us (if it be for a good purpose). The Holy Ghost will always verify of the truth.

6. Record and Apply
Record what you have learned by way of the spirit and apply it in your life, that you might not forget it.

Well I’m sorry this ended up being a little long. I finally received all the packages I think where meant for Christmas. Thank you for all your letters and Christmas cards!

I hope you all have a great week!
-Elder Soulier


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