January 10, 2017


Bella Vista, Mexicalli


Elder Luis Otamendi

Dont let the GOOD get in the way of GREAT

My Dear Friends and Family,

So before I left on my mission, my life was GOOD. How ever having left all GOOD things behind me I was only left with things that where GREAT.
Now this means that right now I dont have very much, but all that I have is GREAT!

Now the topic of this letter is not actually my words. They are the words of a great teacher who understood the role he needed to play in the lives of his students. This is Mr Berard (The Band Director at my High School). This week I learned how his words can apply to my life here on a mission.
Here on the mission we have recieved instruction through revelation on how we should act, what basic schedule we should follow, as well as other guidlines for how we do the work of the Lord. Many missionaries follow these rules as spring follows fall. However this week I had the opportunity to work with and learn from a few elders who understood their purpose and the role they would play in the lives of many people. They taught me the importance of following these rules in such a way that a hunter follows his prey in order to achieve succses. That is when we consider all the rules evenly, and follow every one of them not forgetting any, we become what we need to become in order to be effective and acutally helpful in this work.

Now I have a certain love for music. And I was reminded lots of an experieance I had before my mission with my brother, and my two cousins in the car listening to ´´Son of Man´´ from Tarzan. We where talking about my mission, and they where sharing some really good advice for me. When this song came on they testified to how true some of these words are. And now that I am here I know they are true too.
Here are a few examples:
´´In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn´´ -I am currently the trainee in our companionship, but my comp learns lots from me, and when we teach others we learn lots from them too.

´´Two worlds one family..´´ -right now I am in a whole new world, but I am begining to see how even thou many things are very different, we really still are all human, and all the family of god.

´´... trust your heart, let fate decide, to guide these lives we seek...´´ -So ´´Fate´´ is the workings of God, and when we let him guide us our lives become what we want them to be, even thou right now we dont know that this is what we want.

Well that’s all the time I have for you guys tonight. I love you all very much. (Sorry mom I dont have time to answer all your questions in this email)

-Elder Soulier

PS Bonus Points for whom ever can find my unintentional pun.


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