December 19, 2016


Bella Vista, Mexicalli


Elder Luis Otamendi

Questions #5

1. yes I can do that. sorry
2. Okay don't worry about it, the soonest I will get it will be Jan 16th, because that is when the next zone conference is (and that is when the PO box is checked)

to mail things here write this on your package:

Andrew, Wesley, Soulier
Misión México Tijuana
PO Box 439056
San Ysidro, CA 92143-9056

also the Mission Mom has asked that you do not send food (Hermana Garcia)

3. Yes we will be on SKYPE Christmas Night (5 or 6) we will call you this Thursday in the morning (11ish) to confirm.

4. Ya we just meet the entire ward this past sunday. We have also been eating food with different families each day. We meet in a church building. Its a bit different from the regular model, but it has rooms, a font, a chapel etc... On Sunday we had about 80 people at sacrament, two of which where some of our investigators. Our first baptism is this week.

5. Mexicali doesn't have any large industry as its center. It has lots and lots of blue collar jobs. Not entirely so, but there is a decent amount of poverty around here.

6. That baptism got moved, (I think, I don't really know) not sure what happened to it to be honest. But we have a different baptism this Saturday

7. The area is good. it is roughly 2 miles by 2 miles more or less

8. The food is really really good down here. It is all Mexican of course, but not like we have in America. All of our meals have a side of rice. The most common meal is rice, beans, a type of meet and corn tortilas. In our ward lots of people cook as their job. One of there members has a friend who we teach, so we are at their house quite a bit. They made us some really good spaghetti. We have also had Hot dogs, prepared the same way they prepare them in Chile, which is just about every thing you could think of putting on a hot dog. We also had Cream of Celery which is actually really good.

9. We have two meals a day, Breakfast and Dinner. We don't really eat lunch. Not sure why... so basically I dont do very much cooking, just a bow of cereal in the morning, and as much food as I can eat at the members house in the afternoon (2 or 3)

11. Yes I did. Thank you very much!!

10. Not sure, I'll write that next.

On Mon, Dec 19, 2016 at 8:37 AM, Cheri Soulier <> wrote:
Hola Elder Soulier

1. Can you add Mom to your email list…the one who gave birth to you? — (81 other people got a letter last week except mom) -Love ya lots ..Mom:)

2. We are still waiting on your Christmas package to come in the mail to be able to mail it to you. Hope it comes this week… if not it might be a New Year’s gift. We will mail to the California address.
3. What are your plans for Christmas? Do you know when you will be able to SKYPE us. We will be at Grandpa McDougal’s house all day except for church at 9 a.m.
4. Have you been able to meet very many members down there this week? How was church on Sunday? Where do you meet? How many member? etc
5. What is Mexicalli like? What kind of businesses and industries are down there?
6. Did you have a baptism last Saturday and what was it like?
7. How is the area?
8. What is your favorite food for dinner?
9. How much cooking do you do on your own?
10. What spiritual message would you like to share with us that you have been thinking about this week?
11. Did you open the Christmas package that was put in your suitcase to open on Dec 1st?

Love ya,
Your Family


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