December 14, 2016


Bella Vista, Mexicalli


Elder Luis Otamendi


Entonces, now I am in Tijuana. I've had two days here (Yesterday was a travel day so we have permission to email today instead of yesterday)

So here it isn't actually all that hot right now. I'm actually in Mexicalli the hottest on average city, on this half of the world.

So no one here actually speaks any of the same Spanish they do in Mexico city. It is about 10 times faster than any other local speaker.

My new companion is Elder O. He is from Mexico, doesn't speak much English, and has only been on his mission for 3 months. (Where as I am only 1.5 months in) to give you a perspective of how much either one of us know about what we are doing... we don't. All we do is try our best to be obedient, talk to people, and follow a note we found when we arrived at our house which has 3 names on it. We don't know who 2 of them are, but apparently we are baptizing the 3rd this Saturday.

Also my comp and I are opening a new area, which means very few records of our area which means we have to start from the ground up.

To add the the awesomeness the house we live in now was occupied by other missionaries about a month ago, but they left the place an absolute mess. But because it was Misionaras (Hermanas), there are lots of pictures and motivational phrases all over the place so that's good.

And again, I really don't speak much Spanish, but we ate dinner tonight at a members house who gave us some really good chicken and rice tacos. The food here is really great!

The humidity is about half of what it is like in Nauvoo, so for me it really isn't an issue, for my twin brother (Elder Judd) its more of a problem.

I also found my camera, but I left it at the house because I didn't know that we would be emailing right now.

Being here is Mexicalli, is going to take lots of getting used to. There is definetly a difference in these peoples life style due to lower amounts of income. I hope and pray that my heart may open up to these people and through me, god may share his love to these people.

Apparently here there are lots of baptisms. Our district has a goal of 20 a month, which means my comp and I have a goal of 1 a week. That's crazy!! It will defiantly keep my comp and I very busy.

Also I can finally print out emails! So I'm going to stop for now,

Also if you are sending me emails, I love to read them, but our mission president has asked us to not respond to them unless you are related to me. The only email I can send is 1 weekly update to you all, and as many emails to the family that I can write in under an hour.

Church is true! God lets us struggle so we can learn! Elder Holland gave a wonderful talk at the unveiling of the Preach my Gospel program at the Provo MTC a few years ago, if you can look it up.

Until next time!
-Elder Soulier


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