December 2, 2016


Mexico MTC


Elder Judd

Next to last week at the CCM

Well things are wrapping up here at the CCM. This is my last regular P-Day (next one will be on Wednesday). My comp and I are doing really well. This morning I got my hair cut at the CCM barbershop. Este es muy bien.

I speak Spanish all day long. I'm not great at it, but I can pretty much understand all the teachers, and about 80% native speakers when they are speaking at a normal speed.

This week in our training lessons, we had to make up characters from home and act them out as another missionary gave them a message about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So I had lots of fun acting as many of you guys back home.

I also ran into an Elder Steadman here at the CCM who was on the Nauvoo strike crew the year I was in the 2nd cast of the Nauvoo pageant.

So the weather here is 100% unbearable. It got up to a scorching 80 the other day. its still really nice here at the CCM.

Now because it is practically summer here, I did get a few allergies, but I am the only person in my district right now who has not been to the hospital for something.

Everything at the cafeteria is strange. We have this Italian food, that is in the shape of a circle and it has other smaller circles of pepperoni on it. It comes from a strange place called COSTCO about 5 min up the street. But other then that, tacos, enchiladas, and salads sums up about every meal.

So a little more about this marvelous training center. It is 90 Acres, all individual housing, beautiful trees, birds, and plants every where you go. This morning we woke up to find that every single flower garden here now has a billion poinsettas in it. Ill be sad when I leave here at 2am on Dec 12th

So my district got lots and lots of food for thanksgiving, and so did the rest of our zone. So we all brought our packages together and during language study we had our selves a gigantic Spanish thanksgiving.

Earlier this week I had one of my first embarassing language mix up. While asking someone if they wanted to be baptized on the first of December, I accidentally said first day of god. Now the words are so different, but my mouth was just going and I guess the wrong word came out. my comp started to laugh, our teacher (who we where teaching our lesson to) couldn't stop laughing eather. it took us about a minuet to recompse and continue.
Well that is all the time I have now, I'm about to venture out of the CCM and take about an hour trip to the temple at Mexico City. Love you all

-Elder Soulier


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