November 25, 2016


Mexico MTC


Elder Judd


¡Hola! ¿Como esta? Mi español es bien ahora. Y mi español es estará en no tiempo.

This week has been awesome! and hard, but mostly awesome!

Currently I am the only person in my district who has not yet been plagued by sickness, and I still feel just fine (Knock on wood).

On Tuesday Elder Judd and I decided to be a part of the CCM Choir for this week. We sang ´´Juventude de Isriel´´ on of my favorite hymns.

So... Wednesday is apparently a big party day apparently here in Mexico. All day there where firecrackers, gunshots, fireworks, music, and people shouting out side the walls of the CCM all day long. But even still, the Missionaries know how to party as well. Here is what my Thanksgiving looked like in the land of Mexico, where no one celebrates pagen holidays.

That morning we all work up as usual, talked about the Macy's day parade as we got ready and then went to our classroom at 7:00 to begin our personal study. At 8 we went to breakfast. 8:30 we came back, started our morning devotional and shared what we had learned as well as have our first class (lesson) of the day on how to use the command form in Spanish. 10:00 we left to the GBH auditoritum. (Bonus Points to who can figure out what GBH stands for. Hint: it is the same in Spanish and English). There we watched a live broadcast from the Provo training center (which is practically the same institution that I am in here, but its in Utah). Neil A Andersen and his family shared with us a wonderful message about thanks and gratitude. His grandkids presented an wonderful presentation on the meaning of thanksgiving, including a fun video with some of the things they are grateful for (such as Pizza, Dogs, Stuft Animals, and Trampolines). I am especially grateful for being able to watch that broadcast, and for all those who help put it on (Ahem.. T.J.). After the devotional the Comidora had a very special meal cooked for us. Now half the time when they make ´´American´´ they aren't always sure how to cook it, and sometimes we recieve some very interesting foods. Now this meal, was not one of those. The turkey was great, mashed potatos where delicious. We even had a can of rootbeer! There was pumkin pie, and Apple pie as well. By the time I had got there, all the pie was gone. But the hermano (Estephan) working said... ´´Elder Soulier! yo tengo cqualciere (sp?) cosa para usted´´ and then he lifted up a piece of pumpkin pie he had been saving for me which was below the counter and gave it to me. Him and I say hi and talk every time we see each other at the comidora. Talking to him has helped me a lot with my Spanish. Every time we talk it brightens my day.

After lunch, we had some Prep/Activity time. During which Elder Hoffman and I decided that enough was enough, and that Christmas music must be heard at the CCM now that thanksgiving meal was past. So the two of us sat down at the nearest piano and played Christmas music from it for a good hour until our activity time was over. Afterwards we had received word that there was many packages in the Post Office waiting for us. So the two of us ran around the CCM for about 20 min trying to find where I had placed the Mail Key. After which we finally found it, and where able to hand everyone the notices that they have packages just in time to get back to the post office to pick them up to find they where closed. How ever I was able to pick up mine beforehand (Thanks mom for sending that)

After dinner that day, we had our lang study and companionship planning as usual, and then at 9 we joined our zone (Plus Elder Brian´s District) for a thanksgiving get together. We brought what food we had (which was A LOT) and everyone shared what they where thankful for in our zone and we had a wonderful feast of lots of Crispy Kreame Dougnuts, lots of Nerds, lots of Pringles, Pie we didnt have forks for, more assorted cany from the tienda here on campus, and some drinks also bought from the campus tienda.

We then Ended at 9:30 and went to bed. How ever at 6:30 our house mates got up, dressed as though they stayed the night at the tienda, took their blankets and such with them, and took photos in front of tienda to celebrate their favorite holiday... Black Friday.

Today is my P-day (obviously, because I am emailing you all). We just got back from a trip downtown to the Mexican Consolute to get our green cards. This was most of our first real experience with Mexico and the people since the airport. I was awesome getting to talk with Native speakers. Im getting pretty good. I can say what I'm am feeling, and I need to study a lot more. I also know out about 50% of the words they say during a small talk conversation which means I understand them about 40-60% of the time.

So far the only funny language mix up was when we went to the dry cleaner, and I thought the guy was asking if we had left any change or money in the pockets, when really he was telling us that when he was done he would put our change from the money we gave him into the pockets.

During the devotional on Thursday, Elder Neil A Andersen said... ´´Don't worry, work. Esta es muy facile esta mannera.´´ (Last bit was English, but here at the CCM we don't speak much of that :P
That quote stuck with me through out the week. It means, don't worry about things. Just go to work. Work first, then all things will come afterwards.

I'm going to wrap up now. I love all of you!! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! untill next time!

-Elder Soulier

My Favorite time of day is any time I can feel the spirit lead or lift me, any time I can learn from it or listen to it, and any time I can feel the love of god through it. (Second round of bonus points to who ever can figure out where you have heard that before)

Unicycle. Because not everyone can ride one, and its much easier to lock up, and much less likely to be stolen.

My Favorite Scripture is probably the one about the strippling warriors ´´For they did not fear death... ´´ ... because of what their mothers had taught them. (Or something like that) I'm not sure of the reference. I also like D&C 76 where it says ´´And this is the testimony last of all which we give of him...´´ that's really good to.

I'm most grateful to temples, and that God has restored the gospel and all of the saving ordinances to this earth.


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