November 11, 2016


Mexico MTC


Elder Judd

Week 1 and 2 at the CCM

Dear Friends and Family,
The first week at the CCM has been crazy. Starting with day one, I left my friends, family, and everything I knew behind to go on a crazy new adventure. I flew from DIA to SLC, and then to Mexico City. I was one of 4 missionaries leaving from DIA, Me and Elder Brian went by way of SLC, while Elder Eddy and Hermana Golsberry went by way of Atlanta. When we made it to SLC there where about 60+ missionaries waiting for our flight. The plane was 85% Missionaries. I got to sit by a guy named Jesus, who was flying from SLC back to his family because his dad is in the hospital. He is a really cool guy (23-24yrs) who lives in Utah, is Catholic, and works to support his family in Mexico. That night I prayed to Jesus' father, to please bless Jesus' father and make sure he was okay. :P

My Companion is Elder Judd from Utah. He plays soccer very well (same as 3 other elders in my district), and also knows how to cook very well. It's a shame all of our meals are provided for us at the comador. There we get tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Occasionally we get Costco Pizza or Hamburgers, or other American foods from the Walmart and Costco up the street. My companions and I are getting along well enough. I like to get up and go (surprise mom!) and am a very organized person who has decided to follow all the rules. Well my comp is int exactly that, but we are working on it :)

Also I am the district leader of a small district of around 10 missionaries. Hermana Golsberry being one of them. Its pretty great. we still have problems with obedience but things are slowly getting better. The Hermanas are of course beating all of the Elders in all of our study, obedience, and spiritual goals. I have an Elder in the District who is 100% just like Andy Meager from High School it is absolutely hilarious.

Mi español es muy bien. ensano el linguas bien. Still have a a long ways to go. For the first couple days french kept escaping my tong but for the most part I have now gotten to the point where that doesnt happen anymore. Also I can understand native speakers about 50% of the time now. In 4 weeks I'm supposed to be 50% fluent in the language.

Day 2 of the CCM my companion and I taught a lesson in 100% spanish for 15 min. Crazy hard, but we made it! We taught one lesson a day everyday after that.

Here at the CCM we have a shop. Everything there is pretty good quality, but things only cost .15$ for candy or 5$ for a teeshirt. 6$ for a CTR ring that would normally cost 45$ in the states. Its awesome and also sad how deflated their economy has become.

The CCM is awesome. It is a tropical wonderland every where inside our 90 acre compound. the past two or three days has been foggy and rainy, but it gets pretty hot (70F) and gets freezing cold (55F) but when the rain comes it is very very nice to have a full winter coat with me. The rain will make it hit about 40-35F for about an hour.

On my way to Mexico, not much was strange. When I hit mexico everything was strange. Getting through customs with out knowing Spanish was very difficult but I made it. Here we have stray dogs, everyone has a garage facing the main street that is converted to a shop. Driving here is crazy. The bigger you are the more you get to go where you want. people will walk in the middle of the street and sell you things, a giant Limo-hummer with a truck bed (about 45ft long) made a 3 point Uturn in the middle of a busy road, and backed into an alley way across 6ish lanes of traffic.

So some Logistics:
I leave the CCM on Dec 12th
My P-Days or on Friday while at the CCM
Typing on Spanish Keyboards are very hard
Letters to the US take about a week
Letters from the US take about 3 weeks
Packages to the US take 2 weeks
Packages from the US take 6 weeks.

Basically anything sent via post wont get her in time, but here are some ways that do work...

Best way to send things:
Missionary Packages MX
Online order from Walmart the the Mexico CCM with Missionary's Name
Online order from Costco (Same thing)

For those who like hearing about my adventures, Ill try and keep most of the fun stuff at the top. For those who like to hear about the gospel Ill keep that lower down in the Email.

These past two weeks I have set behind everything I was given through out life, and am left with what I am. These past few weeks have been wonderful in finding out who I am. I have learned that:

-I am a child of God who knows me, and what I need not just what I want
-My district has taught me patience, love and long suffering, as I have tried to lead them and encourage them to be exactly obedient.
-I have learned that although I did not like having to do things and exact moments, here in the field you only have exact amounts of time to accomplish exact amounts of things. So thank you Mom and Dad
-Also other Elders don't know how to work, and it is because of my parents, teachers, and early morning seminary that I have been able to wake up on time, be ready in 10min and just go to work.
-Nauvoo has taught me that you can find joy and rest in you labor of heat and sweat. So while others say "we need breaks" or "we just need a little time to relax" Im able to keep working and enjoy the things I am doing.
-The gift of tongs is real!
-The Atonement is for everyone!

Well that is all for now. I'd love to hear from you guys. Mexico is Great! Church is True!

-Elder Soulier


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