November 18, 2016


Mexico MTC


Elder Judd

Week 3 at the CCM (Children of Colorado Meetinghouse, or Center of Central Missions when directly translated to English)

I have learned a lot this week. So starting on Saturday 5 of 10 Missionaries from my district got sick. 2 of them had orders for bed rest. At church today My comp and I had to say the sacrament prayers (which are prayers said word for word as they are a part of an ordnance) in Spanish with out any practice because the Elders who where practicing for it, got sick. My Comp is doing wonderfully (well kinda, more about that later). At the beginning of this week we taught a awful lesson to one of our ¨Investigators¨¨ (Person who is interested in learning more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) which is really just one of the teachers because we are still learning Spanish and learning how to teach. During the lesson the two of us (unknowingly) came in with two different lesson plans written for the lesson. Also we are teaching in Spanish, and sometimes we don´t always know what each other is saying or teaching. Needless to say our lesson was all over the place and we didn´t do a great job. We both left the lesson kinda frustrated with each other. We decided to do a companionship inventory out side.(basically talk in a constructive way on how to improve your companionship). During this he shared why he is out here serving the lord, what he was expecting, and what he wants, which I got to share my answers to the same questions with him. I really came to respect my companion and he came to respect me. Right now we are working very well together. As a district leader sometimes I need to speak very forth coming and he does an awesome job backing me up and bringing words of encouragement. Its kinda a good cop bad cop type thing. He also has become an awesome friend. He is working with me to become better at my soccer and we both help each other learn Spanish. Having a companion has taken some getting used to, but it is becoming a huge blessing in my life to be working side by side with Elder Judd.

Our district is struggling but we are making it through. One Elder is feeling very stressed, very frustrated and doesn't really open up. He has been doing better but we all worry about him.

The food at the CCM is all great but sometimes my stomach really just needs a break. This week the Cosco Pizza we had on Tuesday was a huge blessing. Other then that we are slowly learning what foods are and are not safe to eat as an american missionary in their 3* week. Also thanks to my older brother, and his example at Nauvoo, I know all the names of the kitchen workers and they love to give me the better portions of the food. They are also super fun to talk to and help me alot with my Spanish.

As for being a district leader. I get to:
Serve the district as I see fit (with in the boundaries set by the zone leaders)
Get the mail each day
Lead meetings
Check on each missionary and companionship in the district and help them to do and become their very best.

Mis Español is muy bien. Yo apprendo 30 plabras y 5 frasis todos las dias. Y yo sabo enseñar en solo español. esta semana, mi districto hablan solo español dupues cena.

On Sundays and Tuesdays we watch or have a devotional. Sometimes we watch the live broadcast from Provo (All thanks to again, my older brother and the rest of the people working the devotionals in Provo, you guys all do a nice job). On Sundays after the devotional we watch some movies produced by the church. for the most part they are stories on faith and reenactments from our pioneer heritage. Its really fun to watch these movies and see 2 or 3 of the people I know from Nauvoo acting in the movie.

Mis activida favarita es football rapido. we play it in a caged off basketball court which has football goals on either end of it. Its really small, and really fun. I´m getting pretty good at soccer after playing it about 6 hours this week. Each day we get an hour of gym time where we can go do what every we want. For the most part I play soccer with other friends in the district to exercise.

So as for the Title of this Email.... All of the missionaries leaving from Loveland or Fort Collins Stake and are training in the CCM are all in one building for all of our classes. Elder Brian is in the classroom next to ours, Elder Niko is in the new district across the hall (also in our zone) and Hermana Goldsberry and I are together in our classroom.

So the CCM is under a quarantine procedure right now, so no more shaking hands. The Mexican Doctors here prescribed everybody antibiotics. Well now (as any student who has gone through Bio might know) a second wave of disease has broken out, which is immune to antibodies, and now my companion has an order for 3 days bed rest.

One Last Thing... Here at the CCM we are allowed to sing appropriate songs, but we aren´t allowed to play music from our mp3s until out in the field... As such I would love to know what your favorite songs. If you could please send me your favorite song with chords and Lyrics (so long as its like disney, or gospel related) that would be awesome!!

Thank you guys for being such an awesome support to me. I love you all!
- Elder Soulier


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