December 7, 2016


Mexico MTC


Elder Judd

The Book of Lehi

Things here are going great! Christmas is in full swing here at the CCM. Yesterday the CCM presidency gave us the greatest gift, and that was they finally opened up and area full of tables, chairs, and benches out side which is right in front of our house. Needless to say we will be enjoying 100% of our classes from here on out in the beautiful sun.

Now as to a little background on the titles:
For those who are unfamiliar, the Book of Lehi is an ancient record about a Prophet who was commanded by god to take his family and leave Jerusalem before it was destroyed. Lehi kept an accurate record of the proceedings of his family. This record was translated by Joseph smith, lost by Martin Harris, and fell into the hands of men who where seeking to alter the transcript and frame Joseph as a liar. As such Joseph was commanded to not re-translate the book of Lehi. Nephi, the son of Lehi, had also kept a record of his people. His record however was of much more spiritual and important events. God commanded Nephi to write this record because he knew the book of Lehi would fall into the hands of evil. And so Joseph, rather than re-translating the old record of the people, translated the Book of Nephi, with is a different account and record, but contained the same history as the book of Lehi.
And thus, here I Elder Soulier impart to you a record similar to the plates of Lehi, wich will be follwed by an account similar to the Book of Nephi. (Ya lost yet?)

So this week, being the last week at the CCM, has been full of little meetings and things to do here and there across the entire campus. My comp and I have probably been from one end to the other 5 times before lunch starts each day.

Last night we had a devotional, and afterwards we invited Elder Brian (on of my friends from colorado) and his district (Who´s room is right next to ours) to come join us. We all talked for about an hour sharing what things stood out to us, what things we had personally experienced before in our lives, and what things we are going to do in the future. Such exercises we call ´´Testimony Meetings´´ have done many wonderful things for our district. In hearing what each other has to say, and talking about a subject, our knowledge of the subject increases, our confidence in sharing grows, and we know with more power than before that we really do know what we know. IN doing so the strength and unity of our district has increased, and the effectiveness of our work has also improved.

This week, my comp and I have continued to grow even closer together. He teaches me how to play soccer, I work with him on preparing and staying organized through out the day. we still struggle with a couple of the rules, but we are making strides and following plans so we can get there. I only have a few more days with my Brother (First Comp of the Mission), but we are going to make them count.

So as I said before, Christmas is in full swing. We have our selves a beautiful park with lots of lights on it. A nativity scene in which the characters are having a disco party due to a faulty colored light that switched randomly, until Elder Hoffman (from my district) and I took it down and fixed it up.

Earlier this week I misplaced my wallet and it found its self all the way to the reception building. Super great full I could find it. How ever , right now my camera is inside a bus, parked right out side my house which will not be unlocked until Friday, so sorry for not having any pictures.

Well I dont want to bore you guys with a large email, and I have to start packing pretty soon. So thats all from this email.

-Elder Soulier


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