November 9, 2016


Grove, Oklahoma


Elder Hill

The Church is True!!

hey i have a lot of people i am going to try and email today so ill keep mine brief, tell ryan and jerry i apologize if i dont get around to emailing them. then also remind them that ill be home soon so we can just talk then if needs be. now that im coming to the end of my mission everyone is emailing me again haha.

but yes elder pack leaves tomorrow and im pretty bummed about that! and yeah his parents moved to NYC about 4 months ago or so. but they left the house there for the kids so thats pretty sweet! elder pack thinks hes going to go live in new york for a while though before he comes out to utah permanently. however im sure hes giving his homecoming talk in his home ward. that would be way cool if you went actually!

haha yeah i really dont want to go back to spag. but if needs be i will! but im going to look elsewhere first.

also, no i didnt vote. i totally forgot about it. but oh well.

and spencer is going pretty good! in young mens this sunday he was participating in class and his answers made it seem like he thinks the church is true so were pretty excited about that!

ok, i wont make too many plans that week. just a lot of hanging out with elder gehring probably. haha also maybe i told you, but december 17th elder jensen is getting married! so ill probably be at the temple that day! i was planning on skiing but i think this is cooler. his girlfriend waited for him his whole mission. pretty excited for him. theyre going to be getting sealed in the ogden temple i believe.

anywho, i need to get going. but the ties came and they are awesome! they are even different from the ones elder hill got! so we might be doing some trading! so thank you! you are amazing! love you!

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Good Morning!!
I am going to try to be not to depressed today even though I think that the country is going to be in whole lot of trouble. Scariest election ever!! That's not really why I am adding something to this email though.
I thought I would let you know that Phillip and Anna have made plans to come out when you come home. They will drive out on Saturday, December 17th and be here through the next Wednesday. I just wanted to let you know so you didn't make too many plans.

Also, did you get transferred or a new companion? I saw a cute picture of you on the Mission Blog. You were on the bus going to the temple.

I love you !! Have a fabulous day!!
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Subject: The Church is True!

Greetings to my favorite Elder!!

How are you? How has your week been? How was your Halloween? What did you do? How is Spencer, your investigator? I hope he is still progressing.

I am not sure that I will hear from you tomorrow (Monday) I think it might be transfers, but I might be off a week. I think I am correct so if I don't hear from you until Wednesday I will know why.

I finally voted and got it all mailed it. It has been a very ugly election year and I will be very glad when it's over unless one certain candidate wins and then it will be really scary!! Oh well hopefully the rest of the government will keep him in check. That's what the government is supposed to do right? The whole checks and balances thing. Did you vote?

I am walking better everyday. Today though I am struggling a little bit. That's probably because I taught Relief Society today and needed to stand up longer than I am used to. I also was able to go to Costco yesterday and it wasn't too bad. I think because I had the cart to hang on to it helped a lot. We were able to get a few things for Christmas but I think I am going to do most of my shopping online this year.

Speaking of that I ordered Elder Gehring's hoodie for him but I'm not sure when it will be here. I some shoes that I ordered came yesterday and I didn't expect them for awhile so I am hoping that your ties will show up soon. My shoes came from Germany and your ties are coming from China. I hope that get there soon!! It would be nice if you could wear them before you come home. What would you like for your birthday and Christmas this year? We can celebrate your birthday when you get home if you want. I will still send you a package but I won't have if be very big and nothing that you will have to bring home with you. I think that's what you want right?

Talen Newell came to church today!! It was so great to see him again. I haven't seen him at church the whole time you've been gone. I heard Ken Hunt talking to him about going to get a shake after you come home. He seemed agreeable to that. Madison Ratcliff asked about you today. I think she is excited for you to come home. She changed so much on her mission. I love it when she comes to Relief Society, she makes such great comments and has a very interesting way of interpreting scriptures.

Hilary spoke with Stephanie and changed the reservations for Monday the 19th at 6 p.m. Stephanie told her if you want to come back to work just let them know the day before and you can start the next day. Also if you want to be a server they will start new server training in January. I kind of don't think that is really what you wanted to do but I thought I would pass along the info.

I have started working on the Sub for Santa for the ward. As I have been talking to the sweet sisters whose family need help this year I realized just how much I enjoy helping them to provide Christmas for their families. I felt the spirit so strong and the sisters were so grateful. I am hoping to have it up and ready to go by the Sunday after Thanksgiving this year. This is the earliest I have ever started working on it.

It was four years ago this past week that I was sustained as the Relief Society President. I have really come to love the many wonderful sisters in our ward. I have really been blessed to be able to see them as Heavenly Father sees them. They all try their best to do the things that they know they should do. They all have different talents and abilities and I have been so blessed to get to know them better.

I want you to know that I have a testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel. The Book of Mormon is true and was written for our day to help guide us and bless us. Joseph Smith is a prophet and restored the fullness of the gospel for us. Jesus Christ lived on this earth and set a perfect example for us to follow. He is the literal son of our Heavenly Father and He knows each of us and He knows of our struggles and is there to help us get through those struggles. He lived, died and was resurrected for us so that we can live again with our Father in Heaven.

I love you very much and am so proud of you that you chose to serve a mission. I also miss you very much and am getting very excited to see you again it isn't very much longer now.

Dad says to tell you that you have been asked to speak in Sacrament meeting on December 18th. I think I heard that you will be the first speaker of the day. We will do lunch at the house afterward also. I am not sure what your topic will be yet. We will plan that in Ward Council meeting so I will let you know after we talk about it.

I understand that Elder Pack will be returning home this coming Friday, the 11th. I think if I understand it right his family has moved and they no longer live in Utah but they still have a house here. His mother said that he will speak in their Utah Ward in November sometime and she will let me know when that is. I hope to be able to go to his homecoming. I think it would be really fun to meet him.

The scripture that I want to share with you is a great missionary scripture. Doctrine and Covenants 112:4.
4 Let thy heart be of good cheer before my face; and thou shalt bear record of my name, not only unto the Gentiles, but also unto the Jews; and thou shalt send forth my word unto the ends of the earth

You are in the home stretch now. Stay focused on the work and finish strong!! You are an amazing instrument in the Lord's hands.

I will love you forever


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