October 9, 2016


Grove, Oklahoma


Elder Hill

It's Going to be Okay

yeah josh had told me he was engaged! pretty cool. so i dont recall telling him i would need surgery. just that i hope i dont need it. cause i was looking up what i probably have wrong with my knees and it said it severe cases it would need surgery and mine seems to not be good. it only hurts on long car rides and when i sleep. cause i sleep with my knees bent and the car rides cause i cant stretch my knees out. but other than that they are fine. i will say i like never play basketball anymore either and they still havent healed. being out here we dont really get to play ball cause were on bikes half the time and an hour away from the other missionaries anyways.

but yeah like i said in my weekly the work is picking up. we found a new family to teach so hopefully they are open to us! we went by yesterday with our ward mission leader and he bore powerful testimony to this family we had kind of started talking to. and then they accepted a return appointment so we are pretty happy about that.

i do realize it is a good idea to vote but i really dont want to because i have no idea which way to vote i have no clue whats going on out there and havent been able to keep up with it at all.

anyways, ill get heading out for now! love you! also, if you end up sending out a ballot to me, im running a little low on money right now, i dont really know how, we had to get some stuff for the apartment but i shouldnt be as low as i am.

ok love you!

On Sun, Oct 9, 2016 at 10:14 PM, <> wrote:
Hello Elder Olsen!!

I felt so bad that you did't get my email last week. I did resend it, did you ever get it? I will always write to you every week no matter what.

How are you? How is the work? How is your new companion? What have you been doing this week? I hope you have had a great and happy week!!

Did you get the pictures that I sent of Jeremy and Phil and of Lucas? Jeremy flew to California for the Bills and Rams game this morning and is currently flying back tonight. Phil picked him up at the airport and the went to the game and then took him back to the airport. Phil was really excited because it was his first NFL game that he had ever been to live. Jeremy has been to see the Broncos before and I am not sure if he has seen anyone else or not. The Bills beat the Rams 30 to 19 but Jeremy said it was really close except for the last 2 minutes.

I had a rather disappointing week. I had planned on being able to walk again on Thursday but it was not to be. I now have to use crutches and only put 40 lbs weight on my foot for a few days and then gradually add additional weight to it. It is much harder than just using my knee chair. I am trying to have a good attitude about it and just get on with it because what else can I do? Besides if I have a bad attitude about it it will just be worse.

Dee and her girls came down this week to go to Gardner Village and the Witches' Night out. Hilary, Carolyn, Lucas and I went also. It has become a tradition. Lucas had a really great time looking at all the witch displays and the costumes. There was a bubble machine and he loved playing in the bubbles. It was pretty cute to watch him. Those are the pictures I sent of him. I couldn't tell if the pictures went through or not. Dee and Hilary pushed me around in a wheelchair. Lucas and I thought it was pretty cool to be up front together so we could talk to each other while we were being pushed by other people.

Ryan said the Josh came over to talk to him this evening when they were outside with Lucas. I guess he is engaged. I hadn't heard that but that is really great for him. Did he tell you? Josh also said that you think you might need some surgery done on your knees when you get back. What is going on with that? Hopefully you aren't in too much pain.

The state is doing most of the voting for this upcoming election by mail and will be sending out mail in ballots to you and I this coming week. I will mail your to you when it comes. It is a good idea to vote. It's a pretty scary election year and I really can't believe that Donald Trump is actually a candidate for President. It just keeps getting worse everyday.

Joseph Farnworth left for Samoa last Sunday. I thought it was interesting that he left on a Sunday but I guess that they send missionaries when they can. I bet that is a pretty long flight. I don't think that the Farnworths knew that he was leaving that day until he called.

I think the growing season is just about over. It hasn't frozen yet but it is getting colder and the days are getting shorter so things don't grow as well anymore. Oh well, I haven't been able to get out and work in the gardens anyway since August 3rd. I guess there is always next year.

I have a really busy week at work this week. I hope that I will be able to get it all done. I have to plan and present 3 different trainings along with doing data reporting.

I wanted to share with you a quote from Howard W. Hunter from our lesson today.

“A successful life … requires commitment—whole-souled, deeply held, eternally cherished commitment to the principles we know to be true in the commandments God has given.”

We talked about what whole-souled, deeply held and eternally cherished meant. It would be so great to be able to say that I have that in my life. It certainly would be something worth striving for.

Take care of yourself, work hard, be obedient, enjoy your mission, stay focused and finish strong!! You are a great missionary!!

I will love you forever.


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