September 26, 2016


Grove, Oklahoma


Elder Ostler

You'll Be Home for Christmas!!

i did hear the utes beat USC! i was very happy about that! there are some big byu fans in the ward and they are always talking crap on the utes but they at least keep me updated.

but yeah mike is doing better. he is coming to grips with it, still doesnt make it any easier though.

hey so i actually dont have a ton of time because elder ostler needs to pack and head out to the blessed land of prairie grove. but just an FYI the pattersons are now baptized!!! everyone except the father, who gets baptized this saturday!! and also the 16 year old daughter who doesnt currently believe in god so its going to be a while but she will come around.

so elder pack has been out 6 weeks longer than i have. he goes home at the end of this transfer. and im just 5 weeks behind him. due to the 5 week transfer which is my last one. so i now have only like 11 and a half weeks left! its really weird it hasnt really hit that ive been out this long and am about to go home.

but so yes elder gehring flies home with me, along with the other elders from utah that i came out with. but no elder wilde is from nevada. henderson i believe.

ok i need to get going. love you!

On Mon, Sep 26, 2016 at 9:28 PM, <> wrote:
Hello Elder Olsen!!

Well it came!! Your travel itinerary came today!! You probably also got a copy of it but you will be here at around 4:20 pm on December 16th!! I am very excited to see you again!! I think I am probably more excited about it than you are. Stay focused and finish strong!! You are and have been an amazing person and missionary!

How are you? Did you get transferred? Did Elder Ostler get transferred? How is Mike Cash? I hope things are looking better for him. It is good that Elder Gehring is still there with him and I hope he is close to some of the members of the ward so they can support him when you are both gone. Speaking of Elder Gehring I see you are coming home with him. Doesn't Elder Wilde come home at the same time? Is he from somewhere other than Utah? That would explain why he isn't on the same flight as you are. How is everything in Grove? It was so good to hear that things are picking up there for you. I knew that they would. They always seem to for you.

How long has Elder Pack been out and when does he come home? Where is he serving now? I see him in some of your pictures so it seems like he might be fairly close to where you are so that is nice.

I don't know if you remember Steve and Linda Harris that used to live on Brittany Court across from the Kerners or not. Anyway Steve passed away from Cancer this morning. It is pretty sad. He can't be very old probably in his 40's which is so young.

Did you hear that the UTES beat USC? Ryan invited us out to watch the game at his house but Dad wasn't feeling well so we didn't go. It seems like it should have been a pretty exciting game to watch. At least the end was pretty exciting. Ryan wasn't feeling well yesterday(Sunday) so they didn't come over for dinner. I am not sure if they had the same thing or not because I don't know what was wrong with Ryan.

We had a mission farewell yesterday in Church. Kelsie Bannon that was baptized a year ago in March is leaving on her mission on October 5th. She is going to New Hampshire. She seems to be very excited.

We had two tornadoes here last week. I think it was on Thursday but I can't remember for sure. Anyway they were both EF1 category tornadoes and one did quite a bit of damage in the Ogden area. It destroyed around 25 homes. We really had a lot of rain also in some areas. We had some rain which is a good thing but not anything like some other areas around.

Melissa Farnworth had a full body scan today to see about her cancer and will have a bone marrow test tomorrow so she doesn't really know what her treatment options are yet.

Hilary and I went to General Women's Conference on Saturday night. It was so good!! I always love it but this time there were some really different things about it. They usually show us some really beautiful videos about women around the world in the Church. This time there was no videos. They gave us some pretty powerful direct instruction so I thought instead of a scripture this week I would share some of it with you. We were told that we should work to have fervent Charity and look for and celebrate improvement and accomplishments in everyone. There were two talks that we were counseled to learn and teach true doctrine and that doctrine should include the Atonement of Christ and how it can help to heal us. Both in a remission of our sins and also for the pains that we suffer physically, emotionally and spiritually. President Uchtdorf gave a very powerful talk on faith. He said that sometimes in order to increase our faith we need to listen differently. We need to listen with our hearts and with the spirit if we want to increase our faith. He also said that our faith can be strong enough to move mountains but there are two things that our faith cannot do. The first is to change someone else's agency and the other is to change the will of God. My favorite quote from his talk is: "The purpose of faith is not to change God's will but to empower us to act on God's will"

Well I guess I better go for now. Oh and also thank you for letting me know you wouldn't be emailing today. I would have been worried about you, I do really look forward to your emails every week. Take care of yourself, work hard, follow the Spirit, have faith, stay focused and Finish Strong!!

I will love you forever


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