September 23, 2016


Grove, Oklahoma


Elder Ostler

I Miss You

hey everyone! cool things happened this week! so we did indeed get dropped by our investigator who was supposed to be baptized this past saturday. but heres what happened that day instead.

*quick background on my life* so many of you know i was into the uppity punk music and stuff like that and went to a lot of shows back home and all of that crazy fun stuff.

ok so theres a returned missionary out here who is into the same music as i am. and because of that he told us to go visit his friend kane who is also into the same music. so one day we went out to kanes with him (the RM's name is kelyn) and it was super awkward and it was just weird. but because of my musical background we got in the door! great story right? doesnt end there. wednesday we are in this town that they are both in and we stop by kelyn's and he is like hey here is kanes number go talk to him were like ok. so we go to his place and things just went a lot smoother. we talked with kane about music and he loved it! then next thing we know we are talking about the gospel and how great it is! cool story right? doesnt end there! saturday kelyn agreed to go tracting with us. and then we were like hey lets go to kane's. so we texted him, set up to go see him. picked him up, went and ate dinner at this little diner on route 66. thats right. haha then we went back to his place and taught him the first discussion and about joseph smith and the importance of the book of mormon and the spirit was suuper strong! then we were like hey kane want to go to church tomorrow? and he was like i dont have a white shirt or tie. and kelyn was like ok ill wear normal clothes so you dont feel uncomfortable! so then sunday rolls around and kane was at church with kelyn in normal clothes! such an awesome turn of events! all started from talking music with a member! music brings people together! also, kane is starting a band out here! hes a way cool guy so great things happened. "sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven!"

also, i did indeed get to throw some pottery last week, and did not take any pictures so i apologize. we will probably be going back next week.

so this week talking with kane about the book of mormon and how it testifies of christ made me think of the scripture in mosiah 3:8-10.

hmmm for some reason its not letting me paste it. but everyone go read it! the book of mormon really is another testament of jesus christ!

i love you all! have a good one!

-Elder Olsen


Got my pre-trunky papers from the mission.

the lake sunsets are great


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