August 29, 2016


Grove, Oklahoma


Elder Ostler

time keeps moving on and on and on... soon we'll all be gone

Hello everyone and welcome to another week in the life of elder olsen and elder ostler! it has been quite the week for sure up in newly re-named, Grind, Oklahoma. because that is what we do out here. we grind.

but it was nonetheless a good week.

really all we do here is knock doors though. so lets back track to my first saturday here. we were out knocking doors and this guy pulls over and calls us over to him to talk to him. ok im not feeling like yelling at anyone but ok. anyway he was this way nice guy jeremiah who then told us where he lived and we went over there this past tuesday and taught him and his whole family! minus their son who works at taco bell. but he is just really cool and said he would have to pray about the book of mormon but that it could be true! so hopefully all goes well, we saw him again like friday and still same situation, could be true. so we hope they continue to progress!

also, tuesday on our way over to see jeremiah we talked to this guy outside working on his yard and he told us about his neighbor across the street and how we need to go talk to him and he would be cool with us coming over. anyway all week we couldnt catch him and last night we were out walking knocking on peoples doors that we had talked with in the past that said we could come back but nobody answered and next thing you know were in the same area as this kids house. his name is brendon. and we walk up to his place and boom there he is outside so we started talking with him and he was also pretty willing to listen to us and let us come back!

things are looking up out here in Grind, Oklahoma. the lake is super cool and pretty and basically all of our members out here are retired and live on the lake so you will probably be seeing some fishing pictures before the end of my time here!

anyways, i love you all! keep up the good work! (whatever it is you are doing)

-Elder Olsen
look who rolled through! Peter Lopez!

mobbin with elder ostler


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