August 22, 2016


Grove, Oklahoma


Elder Ostler

Lovin Is What I Got

yes i still have sublime stuck in my head but im not really complaining!

i am exhausted. this is the grind out here. just a whole lot of biking, knocking, talking to random people, hitting up old records. just the usual grind stuff. its way tiring but blessings do come from diligence!

cool story from being diligent last night. it was about 8:15 or so and we decided to go tract for a little to end the night strong. just so you know, nobody likes the night grind. it super uncomfortable cause nobody wants to talk to you cause they were getting ready for bed until these two clowns knocked on their door. and we got about 3 doors in and met this super nice lady who was pretty open minded, and then without us even asking her, she tells us to go knock on her 4 neighbors doors and gave us names, background info, and all that. so it was sweet. but by this time it was late and we had to head in but it was still super sweet to see the blessings of working hard!

anyways, i dont have a ton more to add, the area is pretty cool. a lady in the ward does pottery and offered to let me go throw at her place so im pretty stoked for that! pictures will soon follow that in a little while whenever i get to hop on her wheel!

i love you all! keep praying for me, this is going to be a hard transfer but we will survive, its what we do.

-Elder Olsen.
just what the grove as treated me with thus far


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