August 21, 2016


Ft. Smith, Arkansas


Elder Gehring

You raise me up

ok so, im exhausted. that is basically the jist of it. the apartment is not bad. probably the comfiest bed i have had on my mission. the apartment does have an issue with spiders though from what i hear, which im not very stoked to hear. its kinda ghetto but not too bad.

so i still dont know a whole lot of grove but i finally got to see the lake yesterday and it is gorgeous. it looks like a blast seeing all those boats out there.

so i got here and they have 2 investigators with a baptismal date, and thats basically it. there were about 4 other people on the board but elder ostler wants to drop them so thats fine ill just go with what he says. this is elder ostlers 3rd transfer. he was trained down in sallisaw oklahoma so i actually was his zone leader for his first transfer then he got shotgunned up here with elder ham who just went home. and elder ham is a hard worker so i knew the area would be in good shape when i got here. and yeah they worked hard last transfer, but its still not in very good shape. it has been the grind of all grinds here. we have really had to rely on the lord the past few days and will for the next while. our apartment isnt really close to a ton of houses, or our investigators. most of our work is in a town called vinita i guess which is about a 40 minute drive.. from what i hear. still havent made the trip out there yet cause our ward is kinda slacking on helping us out.

so my new address is 1050 doan lane. grove, OK. 74344.

i think that is the zip code, i think you should double check me on that. so i need just a few things, i need more socks, i lost/ripped a bunch in the fort, i also need a new belt, i was hoping this one could hold out for the next 4 months, but it doesnt seem to think its going to make it. and also, were right across the street from the local rec. center, could you also send me my blue and orange, im pretty sure that was the colors, for my soccer cleats. i want to go play soccer in the mornings cause they have goals up so it looks like a blast.

also, cassville was in the monnett stake. pronounced mo-net.

anyways, i need to go for now, i hope i can get out a weekly email. im on a guest pass for the computer which is only an hour cause i dont have proof (mail) that i live here.

love you!

oh and no i havent really been getting a bunch of rain like Louisiana has been, but we did get hit hard with rain thursday down in the fort as i was packing up the car. and then as we were walking to walmart thursday as well it was pouring rain. but luckily a member drove by and picked us up so that was nice!
um if you could get me another one of those missionary belts from mr. mac. thatd be good cause those are pretty well adjustable. a 36-38 would be good. however i know im going to be losing weight here. ive already lost a few pounds

On Sun, Aug 21, 2016 at 11:23 PM, <> wrote:
Hello Elder Olsen!!

You are amazing, wonderful and awesome!! I hope that you know that. Tell me about your knew area. I looked it up and it looks really nice. I saw the lake and pictures of the town. I am sure that you have been transferred there for a reason. Think about your last two transfers, Ava and Fort Smith. When you got to both of those places not much was happening there. They ended up being very successful for you. You worked really hard and had great success. You are an amazing missionary and I am so very proud of you!!
How is your new companion? Where is he from? I take it he hasn't been out for too long. Has he been in that area very long? I haven't looked up where your area is on my map just yet because it's kind of hard for me to get it out by myself. How is the ward? Have you been able to meet very many people yet? Do you have investigators? Is Elder Gehring still in Fort Smith? Hopefully he is and he will be able to follow through with the people you have been working with. I have faith in you that you will work hard and do your very best in Grove with Elder Ostler. He will love being your companion. I am pretty sure everyone does. You are such an amazing person that way. You are wonderful wherever you are and whoever you are with.

You said that you are in the Bentonville Stake and not far from Cassville. Is Cassville in the Bentonville Stake? I thought it was in the Joplin Stake. Not that I knew that I just thought that. It's cool that you are serving in Oklahoma though.

I went to the doctors again on Thursday and he took the stitches out of my foot. The pins are still sticking out of the ends of my toes so I decided I didn't want to go back to work yet. The doctor actually left some stitches in two of my toes. I think it is because the scabs were too bad and he couldn't get them out. I have to say it hurt really bad to have them taken out. I am certainly not looking forward to having the pins taken out this week. I am feeling mostly better and my strength is coming back. I still just mostly sit here and watch TV and text people and call them on the phone. I have watched so many of the Olympics and I don't know what I am going to watch this week now that they are over. I think I will be ready to go back to work next week. I just wish I could get in and out of the house and the car by myself. I is quite a pain to be non-weight bearing. My scooter is a life saver though.

Dad and I had tickets to go see Josh Groban last night but decided we couldn't go so we gave the tickets to Hilary and Robert. I don't think they liked it very much and that is so very sad. I was really sad that I couldn't go. I tried to exchange the tickets for ADA tickets but I couldn't. Oh well, it would have been too hard to go I am sure.

It was Stake Conference this weekend and Dad and I went to the Saturday night session last night but Dad went alone this morning. My foot hurt quite bad by the time the meeting ended last night. it was really good though. We had Elder Foster from the Seventy come. He talked about doing family history and taking names to the temple. He said it is our opportunity to gather Israel on both sides of the veil.

The garden seems to be doing well. I haven't seen it this month but dad keeps bringing home lots of stuff. We made another batch of marinara yesterday. Dad is helping me do so many things. He has been really great.

Have you had any of the rain that has been moving through there? There has been so much damage and loss of property in Louisiana
and even some people have died. It is very sad. Hopefully you have been spared the really bad weather. It's still pretty hot here even though you think we don't know anything about heat. I really can't complain because I never go outside anyway.

What is your new address? Do you live in an apartment? Do you like it? Tell me all about it. How was transfer day? Tell me about everything you have been doing!

My laptop is giving me major issues tonight and keeps throwing me out so I am going to go now.

I will love you forever


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