August 1, 2016


Ft. Smith, Arkansas


Elder Gehring

The Work is Progressing

i came down with some post nasal drip last night so i am really not in the mood to write today, i really just want to go lay down. but ill do my best, it was a good week!

the pattersons are progressing still. they came to church again and loved it again. my jaw is doing better. the heat is terrible and i really dont think its hot up in salt lake ever haha

things are good down here. work is still picking up, and the 5th sunday ward council down here is all missionary based and we actually run it, so yesterday our ward council was finally good and the missionaries got to do the talking and actually let people know about our needs and concerns. so a lot was accomplished and now the ward is going to be stepping up so were fairly stoked on that.

lately ive been having these weird moments of "only 4 months left" ive heard things about the last 6 months of your mission being the best and you being at your best, i even saw that in elder lopez, the area he was in around this time in his mission is basically known throughout the entire mission of somewhere you dont want to end up. and as of now in the words of elder lopez himself "its probably the best area in the mission." nobody has seen a turnaround in an area like that. it was crazy to see. but i think im catching that vision a little bit.

but anyways, i dont have too much else to say. our baptism 3 weeks ago was set apart as the assistant ward mission leader yesteday and were super excited about that!

so yeah life is going good, im really tired like all of the time, and im enjoying life.

oh yeah we get to go up to bentonville tomorrow so im pretty excited about that! were going up for mlc then staying up there and going on exchanges with the assistants. ittl be fun!

love you!

-Elder Olsen

On Sun, Jul 31, 2016 at 11:07 PM, Lyle Olsen <> wrote:
Hello to my favorite Elder!!

How are you? Are you still dying from the heat? How is Elder Gehring? How are the Patterns? How is your jaw?

I have been super busy trying to get everything ready before my surgery. It is this Wednesday so if you could pray for me that would be appreciated. Anyway I deep cleaned my bedroom this weekend and we had the carpets professionally cleaned and they look great!! I found a coupon on city deals for half off. I am always going to use these guys.

I am sitting outside watching my moonflower bloom while I write to you. It's pretty cool to watch so I hope it lives through the winter so you can see is next year. Two have bloomed since I started writing to you.

I went to Farmington yesterday to have lunch with Dee and her girls. It was pretty fun. Did I tell you Mckell is having a baby boy and she is due on December 25th? You will be home then so that will be fun.

There's not much news from the ward. Shanna Stromberg had a baby girl on July 29th so just last Friday.

Ryan, Carolyn and Lucas went to Hurricane this weekend for Linda's birthday so they didn't come for dinner tonight. We are tending Lucas tomorrow night so I will at least get to see him.

I really think that you should feel like writing this week and sending pictures!!

I've been thinking about faith a lot and how we have to have faith in Christ and his Atonement and He can help us get through anything. Then today in Sunday School we talked about faith and studied Alma 32. That happens to be one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon so that is what I want to share with you this week. What have you been studying in the scriptures this week?

Take care of yourself, pray always, study the scriptures, be obedient and write.

I will love you forever


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