July 25, 2016


Ft. Smith, Arkansas


Elder Gehring

Just Busy

yeah it has been HOT lately. the heat index this past week i think they said ranged anywhere from 112 - 115. its been miserable. i dont think ive ever been this hot in my life.

speaking of coming back out to my mission, the sherwood twins will be getting baptized like a month after i get home so i will hopefully be out here for that.

but yeah im good i feel good about coming home a week early. it will make everything less overwhelming, and elder lopez (peter) might be able to be there then cause he will be up at rexburg and with this move back he might not be home for the holiday by then so he said he wants to come down!

but yeah the elder out there from prairie grove, his dad was the bishop there. but i didnt think he had just been baptized, as far as i knew he was born into the church, cause his parents were.

but anyways, like i said, i need to get going for now, but ill be back on in a little while to send out pictures.

love you!

On Mon, Jul 25, 2016 at 12:33 AM, <> wrote:
Dear Elder Olsen,

Hi there how are you? Are you able to keep cool at all? I have seen on the news that it is really hot there. It's hot here too but we don't have the humidity that you do. We have been up over 100 degrees for a few days. It cooled done into the 90's yesterday and today but tomorrow it's supposed to be back up again. I like it but most other people aren't that thrilled with it. I heard on the news that you should drink chocolate milk to re-hydrate. It is supposed to work better than water or gatorade. I guess it is full of potassium and electrolytes. It also has carbs which help it to disgust slower so it helps you longer. I just thought I would throw that in so you could drink some chocolate milk if you want. I have had chocolate milk for the missionaries the last two times I have fed them and they seemed to enjoy it. Speaking of which, we fed the missionaries on Friday. It is always fun to have them come. Elder Ferron is from Arkansas so we talked about Fayetteville. He used to go there for games and thinks it is a cool place to go. An Elder that is in our mission is from Prairie Grove and will be going home soon. Did I tell you before that he is a convert? He was baptized three years ago and one of the missionaries that worked with him is from Logan. Pretty fun I think. Our other new Elder is from Oregon. He doesn't talk much and won't say how long he's been out. He's very nice though and I really like them both. They have an all day P-day tomorrow because we are celebrating the 24th tomorrow. Elder Ferron asked if you were doing anything to celebrate the 24th there. I didn't think so but I guess I really don't know. So do you do anything? We lit some fireworks tonight because Hilary has to work tomorrow night. We will still do a BBQ and everyone is coming but Hilary will have to leave early.

It is so cool that you are coming home December 16th!! It is for sure? How are you feeling about that? Stay focused on your mission and finish strong. You are a great missionary and have grown so much. I am very proud of you and your decision to serve. I am glad that you were able to serve where you did and I would love to be able to back and visit your mission with you sometime after you get home. I would love to be able to meet some of the people that have been so nice to you and to me. You have an awesome mission!!

This week has been crazy busy. Dad and I had to go and babysit the float on Monday night. It was kind of fun though. Ryan brought Lucas out (Carolyn had to work) and he loved it. I will send you some pictures. We got to see all the floats and they even had a band that marched around the Expo Mart so I am not even going to feel bad about not going to the parade this year. I even got to help work on the float a little bit so it has been kind of fun. I did Relief Society stuff for a couple of evenings this week and then Dad and I went to see James Taylor in concert on Thursday. It was really fun to see him. Then we fed the missionaries and Friday night. I am trying to get the house all deep cleaned so that is keeping me really busy.

My garden is being slow to produce this year but I finally got a zucchini and I made cupcakes out of it. I hope to get some more stuff soon. We have had a few tomatoes which is actually a little earlier than usual. That's kind of nice. I am sure everything will start to come on really soon now.

It was Devin's birthday on Saturday. He turned 21. It is so hard to think of you guys as being this old. You should still be just babies!!

How is the work going? How are the Pattersons? I hope they are still progressing. How is Elder Gehring?

I had a plumber come out and give us a bid to fix the shower in my bathroom. It will cost $3,500 to $6,500 to fix it. It looks like I might not be able to get it fixed. Dad thinks we should look at some other options. I guess we will see if that happens or not. It made me really quite sad.

21 And now as I said concerning faith—faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true.

I still haven't gotten your package in the mail but I hope to tomorrow. If there is anything else you want let me know.

Well I guess I better go for now.

I will love you forever.


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