July 11, 2016


Ft. Smith, Arkansas


Elder Gehring

Where are you?

so were both staying for another transfer! which is good because weve been teaching this family with a date for this upcoming transfer and we really felt like we could benefit them. so were glad to be staying! and the work in the whole zone has been on the upswing too! so were excited for that as well!

i dont have a ton of extra to say on top of my group email. but that is really sad for the cutlers. i will keep them in my prayers.

so my jaw has been doing better. ive been sleeping with that stupid mouth guard. i really hate that thing but i do it anyways cause i need to. and no i havent been able to see a dentist yet, ive kind of forgotten cause my jaw has been doing better.

so the CD i wanted is the 3rd hymn revival. i dont know if you remember but it was about a year ago you got me the first 2. i was with elder hall, and that was just a little under a year ago. but yeah the 3rd one would be great. thank you! so, like i said i dont have a ton of extra to say, its been good and its going to be a good transfer ahead! were both pretty excited!

alright well i will probably get going for now. love you!

On Sun, Jul 10, 2016 at 10:28 PM, <> wrote:
Dear Elder Olsen,

Well the big question is where are you? Did you get transferred? How about Elder Gehring? Did you have another baptism? How was it and who got baptized?

We got two new Elders transferred in this week. They came right over to see us on Wednesday night. That was their first day in the area so they went right to work. We were outside with Lucas when they came walking down the street. We talked outside for awhile and one of them said y'all so I asked him where he is from and guess what? He's from Arkansas!! He is from somewhere close to Little Rock so not in your mission but I still thought it was pretty fun. He told me there is someone serving in our ward that is from your mission though. I think he said he was from Bentonville but I can't remember what his name is.

Today was the Olsen Family reunion it was pretty fun to see everyone. I think everyone is thinking that they want to change it from Sunday to Saturday because the only one that wants to have it on Sunday is Noland. We shall see how that goes. Tony had his boys this year so that was fun to see them. We also got to meet his new wife and kids. The oldest is getting ready to put in his papers to go on a mission so that is pretty cool. Lucas had a good time there were lots of fun things to do and he really liked swinging.

I have some really sad news again. Ron and Karen Cutler's son, Gary,(the one that lived with them) passed away on Tuesday. He had been helping them get their house ready to put new carpet in. He had painted the front room and hall and pulled out all the carpet for them so they wouldn't have to pay someone to remove it. He hadn't been feeling very well but wouldn't go to the doctor and went to lay down and take a nap and never got up again. Karen found him and couldn't revive him. No one really knows how long he had been gone. Bishop called me and I went over to be with them. Bishop, Ken and Cheyenne Hunt and I were there with them until the police finished their investigation and the medical examiner gave the okay for the funeral home to come and get his body. They had to have the medical examiner's okay because they couldn't get in touch with his doctor. They didn't make them have an autopsy though which is really good. We were there until 11:00 pm. Ron and Karen are so very sad, Gary took such good care of them. He took care of the yard and did all the house repairs. It made Gary very happy to take care of them. I worry about what is going to happen now. Karen really wants to go to the temple now. She was asking me some questions about it. She wanted to know if she could have her sons sealed to them when they went and I told her that Ronny could be sealed to her(he died about 12 years ago) but Gary might have to wait until he had been dead for a year. I decided maybe I don't really know the answer to that question though. I know you have to be deceased for a year before you can have your endowment done but I don't know about a sealing to parents. Gary's service was yesterday and so we did a funeral dinner for the family. I was sure happy to be able to help them. They didn't have a funeral just a graveside service that was really nice. Bishop Hayes gave some wonderful remarks and a quote from President Hinckley about death that I want to find.

I don't know if you remember this or not but I have been trying to grow a moonflower for several years now. Last year I went to visit the author of the book "Conversations with a Moonflower" and she gave me some seed. I was able to get two plants to grow and I finally got to watch them bloom last night!! It was pretty cool. I think I might have two more that will bloom tonight. It is pretty cool to watch them open into full bloom within just a few minutes.

Hilary and Robert are in Colorado this week to celebrate their anniversary. Tomorrow is their first anniversary. It seems hard to believe that it was already a year ago.

How is your jaw? Is it still bothering you? Were you able to see a dentist?

What was the name of the CD you wanted? I looked up Lower Lights and they had 3 Hymnal Revival CD's so which one do you want?

Take care of yourself, wear your mouth guard, send some pictures, read your scriptures, stay focused and work hard.

I will love you forever


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