July 11, 2016


Ft. Smith, Arkansas


Elder Gehring

Staying in the Fort

hey everyone! just to start off with some transfer news.. at least elder gehring got to stay down in the fort!

so this week was cool though, monday was way fun, we grilled of course since it was the 4th!

tuesday we... well, elder gehring is a little embarassed to talk about what happened tuesday. but it was fun. nonetheless. also, had the baptismal interview for mike and he passed with flying colors! of course he did!

wednesday we.. i dont remember what we did other than district meeting. i have a new planner so i dont have the old one. but it was probably good nontheless!

thursday, transfer day.. and we both just stayed on down here in the fort! we got another transfer down here! we did some service which is always a blast, met the brand new elder serving down in southern arkansas, mena. what a place! they stopped by on their way down from the transfer point in springdale, seems like a good kid. then met the new elder serving in greenwood, who many of you know, elder pack! super stoked!

friday we did some more missionary stuff im sure. dont really remember.

saturday was mikes baptism and it was awesome! it went really well! ill send out some pictures here in a bit! and just for those of you who dont know, when you see something in the pictures.. his name is mike ca$h. ok so its just cash, but why not spell it with dollar sign in the "S"

Sunday mike was confirmed and after church we was just like hey can i come out teaching with you guys? for sure! and he was talking about how he was assigned to teach elders quorum next week as well and how excited he is for that! he is super prepared! then after dinner we get a call from mike asking if he can come out with us again! and of course again!

it was a solid week! great things happened, some not so great things happened, but all in all it was solid. and for those of you who dont know, just a quick shoutout to my mission father elder lopez who hit the sky road home this past week. that kid played a HUGE role on my mission and life as well and i dont know if he will read this somehow but just want to show my appreciation for that kid. he is a stellar guy, for those of you who dont know him, you are missing out. in just one sentence i think id say, "you might say, he changed my life." anyways, just a quick shoutout to he who has probably been on several dates in the past 4 days back in the bae area!

i love you all! stay sweet!

-Elder Olsen


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