July 5, 2016


Ft. Smith, Arkansas


Elder Gehring

Hello Again

hey mom! so no we dont find out until tonight. president changed calls to tuesday which if you ask me is bogus but oh well. he did it cause the work slows down on transfer week and he's just seeing if this will keep everyone focused. but then getting calls on tuesday is kind of lame cause then we have district meeting on wednesday, then spend the rest of the day packing so then that day is shot then thursday everyone is at transfer point all day so that day is shot as well. so either way it slows down. but well just see how it all goes i guess! so i find out tonight.

i dont really have much to say. its been a weird day. we have a meeting up in bentonville every first tuesday of the month so weve been up there all day. we got there and they moved it to next tuesday cause of transfers this week. so we blew that one. nobody told us anything but overall it was fun. elder lopez is serving up in northwest arkansas and so we went over to his place to say goodbye. he goes home this friday so it was good for me to be able to see him so im kind of in a weird mood right now. just didnt think this day would ever be here but it is so yeah thats about it.

we have a baptism this saturday which we are stoked about! and yesterday was awesome! we had a zone bbq (using my grill of course) then hung out as a zone. every 4th down here in fort smith they do a firework show out on the river and theres an amphitheater down there as well with some live music going on, it was a blast.

so i thought i had an ear infection and my jaw had been killing me all week last week and so the mission nurse sent me to the doctor AGAIN, and they said it was my tmj/grinding my teeth again and told me to go to a dentist to get it checked on and to start wearing my mouth guard again. the ear ache was caused by my inflamed jaw. im doing a lot better now but just thought you should know about that. there is a member in prairie grove that im pretty cool with thats a dentist somewhat down this way so im hoping to go to him and see if i can get checked out for free/cheap.

so thats been my week. oh and anything i need/want, could you get me the lower lights hymn revival album number 3? i think you can probably only get it on their website but ive heard a few of their songs from it and it sounds really good. their probably my favorite group i can listen to out here.

ok so like i said im kind of in a weird mood right now, so im gonna get going for now. love you!


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