June 20, 2016


Ft. Smith, Arkansas


Elder Gehring

Its All Downhill From Here

Alright everyone the week has been stellar! ill just do a list of highlights for each day, cause there were some highlights EVERY day. and on top of that... I AM NO LONGER A SISTER!! thats right everyone! I hit my 18 months this past week!
so monday we went to this one family's house the wife is a member and the husband isnt. but anyways we had this way good lesson with them and then one of the mena elders gave me a haircut for the following day

tuesday: went to OKC and went to the temple there! and on the way home stopped at seven eleven! for those of you who dont understand my excitement. they dont have those out here. so as you can imagine my excitement as i indulged myself in a slurpee. it was magnificent.

Wednesday was just a weird day. you might say it was the after temple blues or something like that. just like the whole day we just wanted to be at the temple. but couldnt be. but anyways that night we had our little warm up interview with our soon to be recent convert and it was smooth sailing from there!

Thursday we did service forever. in the miserably muggy hot air. but got some good laughs out of it. we moved this family and their little girl said probably the funniest thing ive ever heard come out of the mouth of a small child in my life. priceless.

Friday we went on exchanges with the greenwood elders. good times were had. we caught/saved this turtle out in the road and took him to safety in this little stream we found. so in honor of the first ever unanimous mvp in the nba, we named him steph. i do realize they didnt win but i mean, first ever. thats pretty impressive.

Saturday we had a baptism! just doesnt get better than that!

Sunday we burned our pants! we were a little slow on the draw but we got around to it!

also sometime in the week we got a referral from salt lake cause some guy saw the book of mormon musical. and for those of you who know what that is probably just all cringed. but he decided rather than bash on us he would see what we actually have to offer for himself. so he requested a book of mormon dropped off at his place. we deliver it, then that night he goes to a thrift store and finds a leather bound triple and bible, and a small hymn book. all LDS versions. then goes to a christian book store to have his name engraved into them. and boom there he is sunday morning with his 7 month old boy. after sacrament were like ok so just so you know.. and he's like yeah i plan on staying all 3 hours if thats what youre wondering.. umm what? haha it was cool. he then asked where the nursery is to drop off his baby. but then he found out they have to be 18 months old. not a problem. ill just bring him with me through all 3 hours then. what a champ. and like during class and stuff he starts busting out scriptures and participating. just the whole time in church im just thinking whats the catch? who knows. maybe there isnt one? maybe he is just prepared? but nonetheless it was just another really cool experience from this past week!

anyways. just wanted to give a quick shout out to my father. hes a good guy. i mean, he drives a corvette. doesnt get much cooler than that! so shout out to the coolest father out there!

just a quick scripture. this comes from the book of alma chapter 32 verse 21.

And now as I said concerning faith—faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true.

i felt it pretty self explanatory. just an all around good scripture talking about faith, which everyone could use a little more of. i know i could.

but anyways, i love you all! have a great week!

-Elder Olsen

some pics from the okc temple trip. shout out to elder naef who came out with me


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