June 13, 2016


Ft. Smith, Arkansas


Elder Gehring

This way is a waterslide away from me that takes you further every day

Hey everyone. so this has been a week to say the least. ill keep it brief i know you all have other busy things in your lives you need to return to so dont mind me, ill just keep doing my thing.

so well just start with wednesday night were going to go see this part member family and the gps takes us to the wrong place and it takes us to this dead end somewhere and so we roll up and this family just getting out of their car is looking at us all real confused like and were just pulling up in their business. so naturally were just like "hey do you guys go to church?" so long story short, they dont, invited us back, went back, taught a way cool lesson about the book of mormon, set a return appointment and their pretty prepared! the only issue is the husband doesnt speak english. guess we better hand them off the spanish elderes! (thats spanish for elders) that was a joke by the way, were the spanish elders! so were going back this week with some people from the spanish branch! pretty excited! that night was the night of all nights. were playing ball with the ward and an investigator i might add! and i go up for a block (the usual) and come down really awkward on my ankle and heard a pop and next thing i know im on the floor. nothing really hurts, i just know that i rolled my ankle and it was pretty bad. so we pick me up, take me over to the stage and this one guy is like "is there something in your sock?" "yeah.. no thats definitely my ankle.." so we take of my sock and we just know thats my bone not in the right spot. it was this massive thing just poking out in just one spot so we figured it wasnt swelling. but so anyways we head to the hospital get me x-rayed and all that jazz (nothing im not used to, believe me.) and they surprisingly tell me its not broken but then give me crutches and a brace and tell me not to walk on it and come back later.

thursday was a day for sure. so its day one of the crutches, we head up to bentonville to go to zone conference/ exchange with the assistants that night. at zone conference i received a blessing, was spiritually uplifted, and a quick shout out to my mission father, elder lopez who bore his departing testimony. its been real my friend. so anyways that night me and elder millett, one of the greats, are out OTM'ing (street contacting/ Open Thy Mouth/ Oklahoma Tulsa Mission. thats why thats cool by the way.) and tracting as well. and im just out there crutching around getting NO sympathy whatsoever, it was a tough crowd. but so thats when i remembered just how much i loathe crutches. so that night at the assistants apartment i set out on a mission to exercise it, elevate it, and ice it. that next morning i was walking. slowly, but i was. i was determined. i say it all goes back to that blessing though. it was a night and day difference between thursday to friday (and no thats not a pun, but it could be if you wanted it to.) the priesthood is real and so are the blessings that come from it.

anyways, ive taken up a lot of your time. but thank you all for tuning in! i will send you some pictures in a sec. i love you all! and yes, my ankle is fine. its still a little swollen and black but its fine!

-Elder Olsen.


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