May 30, 2016


Ft. Smith, Arkansas


Elder Jensen

Memorial Day

yeah im dont great! the work has been good! elder gehring is perfect for this area, he really is. weve worked really hard together already. i feel like since thursday me and him have worked harder than i did the whole transfer before. now thats not to say i didnt work hard the transfer before.. we did. just didnt feel like it was my all. but this definitely is. elder gehring is really good about good uses of time and tools that we have so ittl be a good transfer!

so we got some pretty gnarly weather on thursday. of course. of all days its transfer day but it was good we made it alright! transfer day was stressful. they like made me the leader of the transfer point so i had to make sure everyone had a companion and something productive to do. also had to assign people to load and unload the transfer loop. but it wasnt too bad.

speaking of heat, i thought i was going to die this past week. humidity kills me. and this is the most humid and hot place of the mission. its on average 10 degrees hotter than anywhere else in the mission.

so i need to get running. i actually dont have a ton of time. but yes, i did stop playing basketball. i still will shoot, but i dont jump, or run around, or play in a game. just shoot is all and they feel fine with that.

love you!

-Elder Olsen

On Sun, May 29, 2016 at 10:40 PM, <> wrote:
Hi Elder Olsen!!

How are you? I hope all is well. How was the weather this week? It seemed like you maybe had some bad weather during the week. I am not sure whether or not to expect to hear from you on Monday with it being Memorial Day. I hope so but if not I am sure you don't have access to another computer to write. How is it being companions with Elder Gehring? I hope you guys are working hard and staying focused on the work. I am sure that you are though.

I've been pretty busy this week visiting sisters and things. We had a new sister in the ward have surgery so I visited her while she was in the hospital and again on Wednesday night. I also visited a few other sisters during the week. I think I will miss visiting sisters the most when I get released. Bishop said today that we will be together for awhile longer so I won't have to miss it yet.

I am getting closer to getting on the weeding and planting done in the yard. Some the flower beds I have already weeded need to be weeded again though. I guess that's the way a lot of things work. Housework for sure.

I went to the foot doctor on Thursday to see about getting by bunions and hammertoes taken care of. I have bunion surgery scheduled for August 3rd so it is a ways away. I am not looking forward to it but it will be good to have them taken care of. The Doctor only does one foot at a time so I'm not sure when I will have the other one done. I think Dad and I will try to California before that happens.

Dad and I went to Logan yesterday for Memorial Day. We were able to see Patsy, Merna, Tom and Maria. It was good to see them and they seem to be doing well. After the cemetery we went to Five Guys. They have one in Logan now and Tom wanted a good burger and they had never been there before. They really like it a lot.

While we were at the cemetery we started talking about my great grandparents and the two men that are buried next to them. We really didn't know who they were other than their names are both Emmett Richeson. I did know that my father was name after his mother's brother that was named Emmett. I came back and started looking on Family Search and found out that the oldest one was my grandmother's brother and the other one was his son. I also came across their conversion story so I am going to let you read it. They were baptized in Kentucky and my grandmother was the first one in her family to be baptized. Kind of cool I think. Anyway here is the part of the history about their conversion.

"When James heard the story of the Gospel from these young men and also the story of the restoration and martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith, he remembered a story his father had told him. His father said he was “Very near at hand when the Prophet was killed.” He also said he remembered well the stories that were told of what a wicked man Joseph Smith was but he told James, “I refused to assist in any way in the murder of this man.” He afterward proclaimed that “Joseph Smith was a true Prophet of God.” Because of his knowledge of this event, he had one of the strongest testimonies of the Prophet, but sadly, James’ father dies without having the privilege of sharing his testimony with a Mormon Elder. They, James and Lucinda, loved the Elders who came to bring the principles of life eternal and the message of truth! They made them welcome in their home at all times. They gave up their beds for them and fed them. They read the literature and discussed the principles of the gospel with them. They were converted. They knew it was the true church and the missionaries held the authority from God on earth so they decided to join the church. The first family member to be baptized was Eliza the oldest daughter. Elder Junius Tanner baptized her on the 17 of January 1897. James and Lucinda were baptized by Elder Michael Ballam on 24th day of February 1897."

I also have a copy of my grandmother's testimony that is pretty interesting. Maybe when you get home you can read it if you want.

We are going to have a BBQ tomorrow with everyone. We are going to do it at noon which is a little different than we usually do but it should be if it doesn't rain. It seems to rain a little bit everyday. It is supposed to get really hot towards the end of the week.

Anna called me on Thursday to let me know that Phillip was okay. He was involved in an Amber alert chase and setting up a perimeter around a house. She just wanted me to know in case we heard it on the news. I thought that was really nice of her. She said they are all doing well so that was great news. I hope to talk to them soon and set up a time to go and see them.

We had a lesson in Relief Society today about missionary work so I want to share a scripture from the lesson with you, It's Romans 1:16.

16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

Is there anything that you need or want? How are your knees? Did you stop playing Basketball?

Take care of yourself, eat well, pray always, focus on the work, listen to the spirit and be obedient. Enjoy your mission!!

I'll love you forever


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