May 23, 2016


Ft. Smith, Arkansas


Elder Jensen

Making My Way To A Hipster With Glasses

Hey there everybody! so im not really all that focused this week. so i apologize. it was a good week though! so ill just skip to the good part. transfer calls were this past saturday and elder jensen is going to be leaving me, so just a quick shout out to him! he's a great guy!

i just realized i have never shouted out a companion at the end of a transfer together, so shout out to all of you who had to deal with me for 6,12, and even 13 weeks! you all made it!

so anyways, one with the program. this past week was really good. we did a lot of moving service, which isnt my most favorite, especially if its... not the cleanest. and especially when it completely ruins my joggers. not happy. but it turned out way good! we had a new family move in from little rock, and we had a part member
family move from one part of our area to a different part. the new family that moved in seem like way cool people and were already getting to know their neighbors!

the husband, al, of the part member family just had a quadruple bypass on monday, but still had to do the move on friday and saturday. so we went over to help them and he told us just how much he appreciated it and how grateful he was cause even his family wouldnt come out to help.

then sunday rolls around.. and who should walk in, but this very same part member family. direct quote from him: "i told myself that if i could stand up this morning i would come to church!" and there he was! also, a side note to keep in mind, my companion elder jensen, who has been here since january, had never even met this guy before, just the member wife. so it was way awesome to see how service changed this man just like that!

ok i know you all wanna know who my new companion is!

its the one and only: ELDER GEHRING!! nobody ever thought this day would happen but here it is!
we have been saying since day 1: "were gonna be zone leaders together!" and now here we are, zone leaders together! who knew it was actually gonna happen? i was starting to doubt, but alas it is going down! were gonna be the most pop punk zone y'all can even imagine!

so the scripture i wanted to share with y'all this week comes from moses 7:21

21 And it came to pass that the Lord showed unto Enoch all the inhabitants of the earth; and he beheld, and lo,Zion, in process of time, was taken up into heaven. And the Lord said unto Enoch: Behold mine abode forever.

so reading this i really noticed the "in process of time" zion wasnt zion over night. it took time and effort. we arent asked to be perfect tomorrow, were asked to try and be better and continually work on it.

anyways, thats all for the week! i love you all!

-Elder Olsen
also, this definitely happened this week. not too shabby!


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