December 16, 2015


Ft. Smith, Arkansas


Elder Jensen

This One Last Bullet You Mention, Is My One Last Shot At Redemption.

now thats quite the title! for those of you who arent familiar with relient k, id highly suggest you get acquainted with them. thats some good stuff right there.

how is everyone? hows the week been for you all? this week has been just weird.

so monday was the usual. email, shop, play ball,get stomped cause elder jensen is too quickk, complain cause my knees hurt so i stop. then go get another knee brace cause sister loveland told me i (knee)ded to get another one! hahaha i make myself laugh. but thats really how the day went.

tuesday was interesting. we had a slow start to the day, not much happened, nobody fed us, and that night while eating dinner at the apartment we text our most solid investigator cause we forgot that were supposed to meet with him on tuesday afternoons but hadnt been able to the past 2 weeks or so cause hes a truck driver and was on the road or something like that. anyways, so we texted him and he said he had done some "personal research" and said he couldnt accept joseph smith as a prophet and that he didnt want to join our church anymore :( and just before this dinner we had a lesson with our soon to be #1 investigator and we were teaching the FAMILY well, most of the family, had a great lesson, had dinner got dropped, then i dont recall the rest of the evening.

wednesday morning we wake up and have a text from our now #1 investigator that we had seen yesterday, saying that we couldnt come over anymore. the husband said he no longer wanted us over. so boom get dropped again. it was rough. we were super depressed, so now after district meeting we just drop in on our now #1 investigator and he had read the book of mormon before like a while back, and were talking with him about his concerns and then elder jensen pulls out a scripture from 2 nephi 31 about baptism and crazy story, rob (the investigator) had it marked from his readings a while back. he said as soon as he saw that verse marked he just felt something indescribable and he got chills and didnt know what was going on. he said that that was the answer he was looking for. it was crazy, then after the lesson were all pumped up and stuff and elder jensen is like "you know, THATS why we go on missions." it was a way cool experience.

anyways that kind of renewed us for the rest of the week. i dont really have a ton of details about much else of the week. but that was way crazy.

the weather got pretty exciting a couple times but nothing touched down over here. but we saw all the signs for a tornado last monday night after our dinner.

oh also, another cool experience. rather humbling too. so the spanish branch of 75 found out that the english ward of 800 hasnt been taking very good care of its missionaries so they are now stepping up and out feeding the english ward. so i plan to lose about 30 pounds from living off of beans and rice the next little while. but it really is humbling, the english ward is pretty loaded, just no need to sugar coat it. theyre way rich, and the spanish branch is really pretty poor. so its way cool to see. made me grateful for what i have.

so anyways, thats enough about me.

so this weeks thought comes from 2 nephi 31. i may have shared this one already but seriously this chapter is amazing. go read it.

20 Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastnessin Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love ofGod and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward,feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end,behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life

anyways, i love you all. have a great week! and take care of your missionaries!

-Elder Olsen


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