May 9, 2016


Ft. Smith, Arkansas


Elder Jensen


the week was a bit slower than usual. we had MLC (mission leadership conference) on tuesday which was all day up in bentonville. wednesday i dont really remember what all happened, thursday we did service at the food pantry, and weekly planned, friday we had a zone training meeting and interviews with president loveland. from the sound of our interview im getting a little nervous, it sounded as though i was being considered to be an assistant, but im not quite up to assistant standards so i think ill be alright! i sure hope i dont end up being an assistant that would be way too stressful. then sunday we talked of course! and we ended up staying the remainder of the day at the crawfords which was a good time. they found out we didnt have a dinner so they had us stick around, cook for us, then feed us. theyre really good people.

i dont really have too much to say cause i said everything yesterday, its pouring rain over here and weve had some thunder and lightning but nothing too exciting.

so i think ill head out now. love you!

On Sun, May 8, 2016 at 10:39 PM, <> wrote:
Hello again!!

It was sooooo good to talk to you!! And to see your cute face again!! You look and sound good. I think I asked you most of the questions that I usually ask plus a few more. But maybe as I write I will think of some to ask you.

We helped Ryan and Carolyn move into their new house yesterday. The have a really nice house. It's similar to Jeremy's but there are a few differences. They both have really nice houses. I am quite jealous of their kitchens because they have so much storage and cabinet space. We helped them get their kitchen unpacked and their bed and couches set up. I had Lucas on Friday so Carolyn could get some packing done. That's when he fell and scraped his nose. Poor baby he was so sad but then so was I. He seems to be doing okay now though. It's a good thing that babies are so resilient.

I also dipped strawberries for the Relief Society Sisters last night after we got home. I dipped over 80 of them. Everyone seemed to like them and I only brought 10 of them home which is a good amount. I also made a handout of some quotes from the last General Conference. Bishop Hayes taught Relief Society today and that was awesome!! I think he should teach more often.

Dad worked really hard on the front courtyard (that's what I am going to call it because it's not a porch or a patio). He got all the gravel and sand laid down and then got the pavers down also. Now we just need to put the small bricks on the edge by the house and cut one of the pavers to fit around the drain. Then we can start decorating it. I got a planter to put on it for Mother's day. I am pretty happy with the way it is turning out.I am going to put the bench, the solar water fountain and a maybe a little table on it. I will send you a picture when it's all done.

Jake and JaNeal Maughan had their baby this week. Did I tell they were having a new baby? Anyway she was born on Friday, May 6th. They named her Sailor Joy. She looks a lot like their first one Isabelle. She is sure cute!!

We talked to Phil and Anna and Kids after we talked to you. It was really great to talk to them again. We hardly ever get to talk to them anymore. Today (Mother's Day) is Amy's birthday and Logan's was on May 4th. I sent him a Star Wars card this year.

I went to Desert Star Playhouse on Friday night with Learning Tree and we saw Murder on the Front Runner Express. It was funny but not as funny as some of them I have seen but it was good to go anyway. It was teacher appreciation week this week and it isn't as great as it was when I was a teacher or a director. It was still nice though.

So tell me all about your week last week. We did talk but not really about that.

The scripture that I would like to share with you this week is 1Corinthians 13 the whole chapter. It's about Charity and I really like that topic and we talked a lot about it in church today. Oh and Todd and Cheryl Rytting spoke in church today I always enjoy hearing them speak. They do such a great job.

Take care of yourself, work hard, stay focused, be obedient and study hard.

I'll love you forever


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