April 11, 2016


Ava, MO


Elder Walker

Transferred to Ft. Smith, Arkansas

hey mom! so im getting transferred down to fort smith, AR. so i finally get a city! the 2nd biggest city in arkansas! also, im becoming a zone leader! so thats exciting! i think i have the biggest zone in the mission. so i looked up the area and i think i cover like almost all of fort smith and the surrounding area too.

yeah im actually up in springfield right now and am emailing with elder bedolla. he's a cool kid, ive told him all about the area already. he's currently up in southern hills, missouri with elder pack!

so the real question, is did you guys get bang? and if not, id reccomend getting it so we can all play as a family when i get home cause it really is the best game. ive got a lot of families out here in ava hooked on it now and even one family got it now.

anyways, i need to get off soon for some other missionaries to email. so ill get running, ill send out my weekly in a bit. love you!

On Sun, Apr 10, 2016 at 11:13 PM, <> wrote:
Hello again to my favorite Elder!!

Tell me all the transfer news!! I am sure whether or not you were transferred it is what the Lord needs you to do. I am so proud of you and your decision to serve a mission. I have some transfer news for you too!! Somehow lots of people find out before Monday if there missionaries have been transferred or not. There is a mom who son is being transferred into Cassville her name Ginger Bedolla so maybe her son is Elder Bedolla. That is always true though so I won't just presume. Anyway I told her how wonderful Cassville is and that he will love it there. This is all on the Arkansas Bentonville Facebook Page. That was pretty fun anyway. Also Elder Werner that is serving in our Stake is also being transferred out to Grantsville. He transferred here at the same time you transferred into Ava. I will miss him. He didn't come to our ward today so I didn't get to tell him goodbye. Oh well. I wish him the best. I also just read that Elder Henderson is being transferred to Bentonville. That was posted by a member.

We celebrated Jeremy's birthday today which was nice. We got him a bench for his yard and Hilary and Robert got him a board game. He got some board games at Christmas also that we haven't played yet. We will have to play them when you get home. Dad and I were going to take Jeremy out for dinner on his birthday but he had worked all day in his yard and just wanted to get pizza so that's what we did. We also watched a movie.

We went down to Walt's funeral on Friday. We drove down and back in the same day. Jeremy went with us. Hilary and Robert were going to go with us also but they decided to drive down themselves and spend the night there. They went to the St. George temple and did a session while they were down there. The funeral was really nice. Carolyn spoke and all of her siblings gave tributes also, It was sad but they were all comforted with the knowledge that they will see him again someday.

Church was really good today. The spirit was very strong the second I walked into the chapel and stayed that way the whole time. I really loved Sundays like that. I realized that if I prepared myself that every Sunday could be like that for me.

I was going to write you another letter but then remembered that you might be transferred so I will just write everything here.

Dad and I worked in the yard yesterday for a while. We still have lots of things to do though. We pruned the roses and the clematis that are on the arbor on the West side of the house. That was actually much worse that I thought it might be. I decided we need to prune it every year from now on. It has looked really pretty growing over there but was quite out of control and there was tons of dead rose stems and clematis leaves and blossoms. It really looks bare over there now but I hope it will all come back maybe not as big as it was but it should still be pretty. I think I will have to keep it under control better after this. I also replaced a rose that had gone wild in the oval planter in the front yard. Dad is still working on the front. He needs to get some gravel before he can finish so we are waiting for that. He didn't have much time to work on it this weekend.

Bishop Hansen has been made the Assistant Principal at Kearns High School. That is really exciting for him.

I ended up having Book Club at our house this week. Allyson Krauel's mother is having health problems and she was supposed to have it but couldn't so I did. It wasn't too bad. I just went to Walmart and bought stuff.

I want to leave you with a quote from President Monson from Conference, "May you ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong." I really liked that.

Take care of yourself, read your scriptures, pray always and be obedient. Stay focused on the work and the Lord will bless you! Good luck with whatever transfer brought your way. You will be wonderful whenever you serve if it still in Ava or if you are going somewhere else.

I will love you forever


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