April 4, 2016


Ava, MO


Elder Walker

General Conference

hey sorry i again dont have much time. but that is sad to hear about walt. i hope everything goes well for everyone. the plan of salvation is such a blessing to have that knowledge that we do.

my favorite talks were id have to say elder holland for sure and i love president eyring every time he talks.

transfer calls are this saturday, and so if im going id be leaving on the 14th.

so from wednesday to thursday we were on an exchange and we met up to exchange back in the mcdonalds parking lot and some random members offered to feed us. they were just coming through they are from tennesee and they were on their way home from branson. it was cool. so my companion is the tall blonde one. the other two were my zone leaders. the one with the short dark hair about my height came out with me. he's elder chapman, hes pretty cool.

anyways, i need to get going. love you!

On Sun, Apr 3, 2016 at 10:43 PM, <> wrote:

How are you? How is the water situation? Do you have to buy all your water? How is the work? Tell me about everything you have been doing! I received a picture of you for some very nice person!! I have no idea who they who were they? Who would the other Elders in the picture with you. I assume one was your companion but then I realized I have never seen a picture of your companion. It's Elder Walker, right? Why were you in Mountain Grove? It was so fun to get that picture!! I hadn't gotten a picture of you from a member since you left Cassville. I guess I did get some on your birthday but that was from Sister Sherwood who is from Cassville.

Where you able to watch General Conference? Do you get to watch all of the sessions? Did you go the Priesthood Session? What were some of your favorite talks? I loved President Monson's talk and I started thinking about how clear it is to take the correct road. Heavenly Father is always there to help us make the correct decisions. That doesn't mean that it is always easy to take the right road but it is easy to know what is the right road to take. I also really loved Elder Bednar's talk. I always love his talks he understands the Doctrine so well and I love to listen to his insights on things. I had heard a little bit of this topic on the Sabbath Day training and really enjoyed hearing him expound on the Baptismal Covenant and the Gift of the Holy Ghost and the Sacrament. I really liked President Uchtdorf"s, President Eyring's and Elder Holland's talk. I really just love Conference. I hope you were able to enjoy it also.

I have some very sad news. Carolyn's father passed away today. He has been on life support for three weeks now but they thought he was doing better and that he would be able to get better and go home. He was supposed to have the respirator removed on Wednesday but they determined he wouldn't be able to have it removed quite yet. Then when she brought Lucas to me on Friday the had just decided that all of his vital organs were shutting down and he had blood clots throughout his body and he wouldn't be able to come back. They made the decision to remove his life support at 10 o'clock this morning and then he passed away at around 1 o'clock. Carolyn is pretty sad which I so understand. We had Lucas quite a bit this weekend so she could spend time with her dad. I was very happy to have him here and now I find that I am missing him so very much!! Walt's funeral will be on Friday in Hurricane. Dad and I are planning to go down for the funeral. Carolyn is leaving tomorrow to go down and Ryan will still have to work for most of the week.

So Lucas learned to climb onto the table on Friday. He is getting to be a really great climber. We put a chair in front of the stairs to keep him from going down but he has started climbing that also so I guess we will have to get a gate. I will send you a picture of him on the table. He loves to play outside also and we spent a lot of time outside playing with the Salazar's grand children and the Bott's kids also. The weather was great this weekend so that was nice.

When are transfers? If I am remembering right transfer calls will be this coming weekend. Is that right?

Always remember that you are amazing and wonderful and I love you so very much!!! Take care of yourself. I want to share a thought from Conference with you this week.

"To believe, we need to get the gospel from are heads into our hearts." Sister Bonnie Oscarson (I also really like her talk)

Sorry I didn't get another letter mailed to you last week I will try harder this week.

I will love you forever


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