March 28, 2016


Ava, MO


Elder Walker

How was your Easter?

hey mom! sorry i didnt get a letter out last week, i probably wont be able to get one out this week either. so the work is really good! we met 7 new less actives last week and a new part member family. the ward just all decided to take us out to see THEIR people. which is the way it should be anyways.

i dont really have too much to say today, speaking of which, in your letter you were talking about how the elders dont like emailing... yeah i really am pretty burnt out on emailing so i dont mind having to cram it all in. sorry! ill have stories when i get home though!

so this past week i guess ava made the news... we have led in our water. which is crazy that it happened to be that week, i decided to buy a case of bottled water that monday and then wednesday was when it was announced. pretty crazy if you ask me. but i have probably been drinking led for a while. i havent been sick from it and now were stocked on bottled water so no need to worry!

i did indeed get the package! thank you! it was really awesome! we got to go play bang with our recent convert last night and he loved it. did you guys get a set too? if not id highly reccomend getting one. its a blast. especially when you have 7 people.

anyways, i need to get going. love you!

-Elder Olsen

On Sun, Mar 27, 2016 at 11:14 PM, <> wrote:
Hello again to my very favorite Elder!!

How are you? How was your Easter? What did you do? I hope you had a great day. Easter here was pretty quiet until this evening when everyone came over. I haven't dyed Easter Eggs for a couple of years now. Maybe next year when Lucas is older and you are home again I will dye them again. We also talked to Phillip and Anna and the kids. They are at Marcia's house for Easter today. Phillip worked last night and so the Easter Bunny is coming tonight at Marcia's house.

How is the work? Is it still progressing? I did give the Elders a referral last week when they came and they stopped by last night for me to go over there with them but I was at General Women's Conference. They will probable try again another time and I will be happy to go with them. I don't know for sure if they will be interested or not but I figured it can't hurt.

I really enjoyed Women's Conference last night. They talked about loving one another and serving one another. They have also started a new program about that and it's called No More Strangers. I am sure I will find out more about that later. It sounds really cool!! I just loved the whole theme of Love One Another especially with everything that is going on in the world today. I am sure you have heard about the missionaries that were in the bombing attack in Belgium. It is so very sad but they are going to be okay.

I think I have lost track of when transfers are. Are they coming up soon? I am kind of thinking in the next week or so but I could be wrong.

Did you get the package we sent? We didn't keep track of the tracking number and so we weren't able to see if and when it was delivered. It was supposed to have gotten there last Friday so hopefully it did and you got it.

I saw a picture of Elder Lopez on the Arkansan Bentonville Mission Facebook page. He was serving dinner to the women that attend Women's Conference with two other Elders. It is always fun to see pictures of Elders that you know or have served with. I occasionally see pictures of Elder Pack also. Speaking of which it would be nice if I could see a picture you sometime.

I really enjoyed church today. We talked about the atonement in all of the meetings and the spirit was really strong. I love days like that at church.

We have a new sister that moved into the ward that came to church today. She seems to be really great and even asked to be a Visiting Teacher!! That never happens so I was very excited!!

Do you remember my Ashley that had a baby that died? She had another baby last week and he went back into the hospital last Friday with pneumonia and RSV. His name is Grayson. Would you please pray for him?

Speaking of babies the Spicers had their new baby this week. He was born on Tuesday and his name is Jayson Matthew. They seem to be doing well. It great to have new babies in the ward.

I am not sure that I will be able to write another letter this week but I will try. It is really late tonight so I will try to write tomorrow night.

The Scripture I want to share this week is the Intercessory Prayer. I might have shared this last Easter but it is one of my favorite passages of Scriptures. The reference is John 17. It's the whole chapter. It is always worth reading.

Take care of yourself, pray always, wash your sheets, read you scriptures, be obedient, work hard and enjoy your mission.

I will love you forever


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