March 21, 2016


Ava, MO


Elder Walker

What A Catch

hey everybody! this week was pretty cool! wasnt able to make it up to branson or springtown (springfield) today, but well just keep on trying!

This week was really fun!

Wednesday we had zone conference up in springtown and thats always a good time. (que owl city) learned a lot of good things, saw a lot of good people, had a good time. (que owl city one more time)

however, this past week i had been battling illness. and it got the better of me around thursday or so. i had been drinking emergen-c, airborne, the whole 9. anyways, we ran out and my immune system gave up. so that really put a damper on work this week.

things are pretty good though! even with illness, no un-hallowed hand can stop the work from progressing! (unless its stomach flu then it does for a couple days) but we wont go into details on that! ive been making it a point to go see the less active members of the ward and yesterday while at a said less actives house they give us a kind of referral for some other less actives. so we are now with our ward mission leader and he's like, who do you wanna go see? so were like, well we just found out where some other less actives live so we could go see them? and we did and then this less active lady was just like, you guys should go see my friend! here is here number! so thats how that works. we were pretty stoked!

so you all this week should go watch the new easter initiative video "hallelujah" that the church put out and go share it on facebook, share it with your friends, just get it out there! then come through with some referrals for your local missionaries because they always enjoy all the help they can get!

i love you all!

-Elder Olsen


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