March 14, 2016


Ava, MO


Elder Walker

Where do you live?

yeah so i guess the mailing system is a little weird out here and thats what people have for their addresses is the route system. which a GPS cannot find. i hate it. so whenever anyone gives us an address its pointless. the intersection by our apartment is NE 13th Ave. and NE 10th St. you should be able to find our complex from there. its right across from a baptist church. but yes, there are a lot of churches here. more so than any of my areas i think. cassville had a lot too. prairie grove did as well but it had the least out of my areas.

so we didnt really get a ton of rain and stuff. everyone talked about how hard it rained but i dont really recall when it was. i didnt think it was that hard of a rain storm.

so as for going to USU with jason, thats hopefully the plan. thats what i would like to do. not sure when its going to happen. i am definitely going to try to make it happen though, just a matter of WHEN. probably the semester after i get home. cause i get home right before a semester starts and i dont want to just go straight into school so quick.

no west plains is not very close. its about an hour drive. but we come out here every monday now cause we get to use their family history center so we dont have to be rushed on time to email. they are not in my district but they are in my zone. its actually the stake center. can you imagine having to drive an hour just to get to stake conference. we have some members down in the south west corner of our area, in these two little towns off a huge lake, the towns are called isabella, and the other is theodosia. its about a 45 minute drive just to get to church. not only to mention, if we were to go from there to the northernmost part of our area it would take about a little over an hour. this area is massive. its one of the biggest in the mission. is super po-dunk and full of old people but im enjoying it! we are on dirt roads about 40% of the time. its crazy they just have dirt road systems out here. i thought dirt roads just went out but there is an actual system to it.

so i guess nothing i can think of i need or want. just the game bang. oh and can you load some money on my home card? my electric razor broke again so i had to go buy some razors and its destroying my face and cant afford to get some decent stuff to shave with the take care of my razor burn. so i guess either just load my home card or send money in with the package is about all i can think of. oh i just thought, so you got me the lower lights cd's. vol. 1 and 2. could you send me the third one too?

yeah im really close with my recent convert steven. he's way cool. he used to be a semi pro football player not too long ago. umm i guess the best thing ive had for dinner out here, is im loving biscuits and gravy right now. with a side of fried potatoes and bacon. mmm thats some good home cookin right there. but we dont really get anything too different from back home.

anyways ill get going. love you!

-Elder Olsen

On Sun, Mar 13, 2016 at 4:47 PM, <> wrote:
Dear Drew,

How are you? How is the weather? Have you had a lot of rain and flooding? I had seen some on the news and that haven't said Missouri particularly but it looks like it is close to where you are. Oh and I tried to find you on google earth but couldn't find a route 6 so I wondered if maybe you could give better coordinates? It's kind of fun to see where you are. We always struggled finding exactly where you were in Cassville but were able to see your apartment building in Prairie Grove. It didn't ever seem like we had a really good physical address for you now and it appears that we don't. We were able to find the church house though and we were able to find a grocery store and it seems that there are a lot of different churches there. I can see a Walmart and an airport. West Plains doesn't seem to be very close to you. Is that is your district? Anyway is there a street or something that you are close to?

Are there any members there that you are close to or do service for or anything? We are feeding the missionaries again this Friday and I am again trying to decide what to feed them. What do you like to have members feed you? Are there any interesting things that they have served you or is it pretty much like it is here? Do they feed you every night or do you sometimes have times that you have to fix your own dinner? Nobody signed up to feed them this Tuesday so I just wondered. I feel kind of bad but I do feed them just about every time it's our turn to feed them and I am limited to the weekends usually. What is your favorite thing that you have been served while you have been out?

We had Lucas on his birthday so we gave him another cupcake and another present. It is pretty fun to have a grand baby close to us. He is such a cute and happy baby and very busy. I love it when he comes to play!!

I am getting another tooth crowned this week. I have already done the prep for it so I just have to go in on Friday and have it put on so the worst part it over.

Dad is at meetings this afternoon. There is one of two Sundays a month that he has several meetings that he has to attend. It's kind of different for him. I am done for the day and so I am writing to you a little earlier than usual. I usually wait until after everyone goes home on Sunday night but I have a few minutes right now. Hilary and Robert aren't coming today they are going to Robert's parents house for dinner today.

Bishop Hayes wasn't at church today because he is having some back problems. Maybe you could say a prayer for him.

Church was really good today. We talked a lot about the Prophet Joseph Smith. We had talks in sacrament meeting about the 1st Article of Faith and of course you can't talk about that unless you talk about Joseph Smith. Then in Sunday School we had a lesson about needing two or three witnesses and so of course we talked about the witnesses of the Book of Mormon and that brought up Joseph Smith. Then in Relief Society our lesson was about Joseph Smith. I thought it was very interesting how all of it fit together. I decided that I should bear my testimony to you about Joseph Smith so I want you to know that I do know that he is a true prophet of our Heavenly Father and that he did see and hear Heavenly Father and Jesus. That is such an important thing to know the true nature of the Godhead. We are very blessed to have this knowledge. Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon and I have a testimony of that. So the scripture I am going to share with you this week is from Joseph Smith History.

17 It no sooner appeared than I found myself deliveredfrom the enemy which held me bound. When the light rested upon me I saw two Personages, whose brightness and glory defy all description, standing above me in the air. One of them spake unto me, calling me by name and said, pointing to the other—This is My Beloved Son. Hear Him!

I also saw Jason and his parents at church today. I always love to see them. They were telling me that you are going to go to Utah State and be Jason's room mate when you get back. That was a surprise to me Smile

The Church started their Easter initiative today. You have probably already heard about it. It's #Hallelujah and they want everyone to post a picture of someone who has died that you are looking forward to seeing again in the next life. It's kind of cool but they always do really great things. There are lots of people that I am looking forward to seeing again.

Is there anything that you need or want? I will be getting a package to send to you soon.

Well this is getting kind of long so I will stop now and write you a letter to mail to you.

I will love you forever


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