February 22, 2016


Ava, MO


Elder Walker

Elder Christopherson

Hey Mom so i dont have too much time and i also wont have time to write this week either. but im doing well! both me and my comp are staying so thats good! the conference was great! got to shake elder christoffersons hand which was really cool. hes a really nice and really funny guy! it was pretty cool to see that he is just a normal person too.

so no, we dont get to do much family history work anymore, president kind of shut that down. we can do it if we are teaching someone. but i dont even know how to do it so im not even able to teach it. but thats alright.

sounds like there is quite a bit going on over there. hope all is well!

so yes i did find my camera and the confirmation went well! it was really frustrating though, he never had an ear piercing until yesterday, the day of his confirmation. so we will be talking about that with him on friday, i mean, he doesnt know so its not anything to get upset about, it just wouldve been better to have found that out before everything.

anyways, i need to get going. love you!

On Sun, Feb 21, 2016 at 11:35 PM, <> wrote:
Hello Elder Olsen!!

How is everything? How was the confirmation? Did you find your camera? How was your trip to Tulsa to see Elder Christopherson? That is so awesome that you got to see him? How early did you have to leave in order to be in Tulsa by 8:15? That must have been way early. It doesn't seem like that is very close to you. How did you get there? Did you drive or carpool or something else? The big question is did you get transferred? One of the Elders serving on our Stake is being transferred. I am very sad!! I had just started to get to know them better and go on visits and stuff with them. I really liked him too. I really like the other Elder that is staying also. He has been here the longest I think that maybe this will be his third transfer here. I think he came the same time you moved to Ava. His name is Elder Werner and he has been out six weeks less than you have been out.

Carolyn's mom is sick and back in the hospital again. This time she has pneumonia. Walt was moved into the Hope House and so someone has to be with him all the time so Ryan stayed with him all night when Carolyn took her mom to the hospital. She spent the night in the ER with her mom and Lucas. I told her that she should have called us to come and get Lucas for her to make it a little bit easier on everyone. Carolyn didn't come over for dinner tonight because she was staying with her dad this evening. I guess her brother will come and spend the night with him tonight.

I won't send another letter this week either in case you get transferred. You don't seem to be transferred very often but I guess you never know it could change.

We have had some spring like weather for a few days and the inversion is gone for now. We did have a really wild thunder snow storm on Thursday so that was pretty exciting. The sun came out afterward and all the snow melted again which was really okay.

We had licensing at Learning Tree West on Thursday. I didn't have to do to much to get ready for it so that was nice. I did cover the desk and ran errands for Amy while she was with the licenser so I wasn't able to get all of my stuff done so I had to got into work on Friday for a couple of hours. I couldn't stay too long though because I came home to take care of Lucas while Carolyn went to the dentist. Then I had to work at home all afternoon to get ready for the training that I had to do on Saturday. I had to get up at 5:15 Saturday to be there but I bet that isn't nearly as early as you had to.

Did I tell you that Lisa Rogers has breast cancer? She didn't think she was going to have to have Chemo but it turns out that she does. Emily Jones gave her a hat party on Saturday night. Stephanie Smedley came and it was great to see her again. She and Hilary caught up on what was happening at The Old Spaghetti Factory. I told Stephanie that you mentioned that you wanted to go there for dinner the night you come home from your mission. She went back and made a reservation for us for December 23rd at 6:00 p.m. for 20 people. She told me that it fills up fast and to let her know if anything changes. I think it's kind of fun that she did that!!

I am chatting with Phillip right now about some Family History stuff. He found an obituary of my dad on a website but has his birthday wrong. It was submitted by someone I have never heard of. Kind of interesting. Do you still get to go to the Family History Library and do stuff? We just had a big Family History night at Relief Society just recently. I would like to start doing more in Family History work but it might have to be after I am released from the Relief Society. It really is pretty cool.

Well I should go for now it's kind of late and I don't want to make this too long because I know you don't have much time on the computers.

I will love you forever

Oh and it's Hilary's birthday next week!! She actually has one this year.


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