February 22, 2016


Ava, MO


Elder Walker

Im So Sore From Sleeping On The Floor

Hey Hey everyone! so i dont really remember what happened. i keep forgetting to bring my planner so ill just jump to the goods.

So Friday night, the West Plains elders came out to our place, then we all car-pooled over to THE Branson, MO. so basically i fell in love with this town. like, its just the dream. like they have a B-Dubbs out on the lake. it doesnt get much better than that. so we spent the night there in branson with the branson 1st elders. in case anyone is wondering who is serving there, or will for another couple a days. is elder jones, who is this super red headed guy. hes a good kid. and his companion ELDER GEHRING!!

so we woke up waaay too early saturday morning to hop on a bus in springfield at way too early again. then got to tulsa pretty early. well, i mean, we got there on time, but it was a little too early to have been on the road for 3 and a half hours previously. and heard from Elder Christofferson. it was a pretty cool conference. it was combined with the OKC mission. and fun fact, they get to take their suit coats at 560 degrees NOT 80. and they also get to wear backpacks too! pretty jealous. so then we had another way long trip ahead of us. get back to springfield, head back out to branson, pack up, head to fuddruckers which, if youve never been there, its life changing. then head back to ava finally. roll up at like 45 minutes after our dinner appointment, run there, then run to a lesson afterwards, run home, get transfer calls and just pass out. keep in mind i was running on about 1 and a half hours of sleep then driving all day, so yeah it was quite long. and so i know youre all wondering where im going. well, im going... to be staying! so, on my way to another 6 month area.

so not a scripture this week but, elder christofferson said: "we didnt JUST come to earth to return to heavenly father. were here to become something. if we were here JUST to return, whats the point?" it was really cool.

anyways, ill get running everyone. i love you all!

-Elder Olsen.
also, the subject is song lyrics from this one story so far song, its cause in branson i had to sleep on the floor. dont worry, im back in my bed in ava and am no longer getting feasted upon in my sleep.


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