February 15, 2016


Ava, MO


Elder Walker

My Valentine

im almost 100% certain you cant find that game in the stores. it think you would have to get it from amazon.

but yes i did get the package thank you! of course i enjoyed the chocolate but i think i always enjoy the money the best!

so i probably wont be able to get a letter out this week so ill just say everything i need to right now.

so, last week we went over to west plains family history center and so i brought my camera with me to email you pictures. so we met up in Gainesville, Missouri with the Mountain home, Arkansas Elders to carpool. so i guess my camera fell out of my pocket in their car. i had it in our truck on our way to gainesville, then when we got to west plains it wasnt with me, so i figured i just left it in the truck. so we got back to gainesville and the mtn home elders left and i checked the truck but it wasnt there. so i guess its in their car. they'll be arriving (were in west plains right now) here shortly so ill go check their car when i can. so no, i didnt get to take pictures at the baptism. i was really pretty upset about that. i asked them to come up for the baptism but they couldnt cause they couldnt get any investigators to come up. so i made sure elder walker took some pictures so ill hopefully be able to snag those from him.

yesterday morning we got hit with yet another ice storm. so they cancelled church. so steven, the one who was just baptized, wasnt confirmed. oh well, next week we will. also, i forgot to mention, but he asked me to confirm him! so im pretty excited about that. (and a little nervous being as i have never done it before. but im sure it will be fine)

so yeah the temps dropped, its humid too, so it feels really cold. especially when the wind blows. the wind is pretty sharp. it goes through just about everything.

hey this week is ward conference for us too so afterwards the entire ward council is going out on visits and if everything goes to plan, they will set up a return appointment for them to come back with the missionaries. that would be prime. that would give us quite a bit to do since everyone is seeing about 2 different people. so that would be awesome if they can pull it off.

transfer calls are THIS saturday the 20th. we also have a mission wide conference that day. Elder D. Todd Christofferson is coming to our mission! he is coming to Tulsa. so saturday morning were shipping out bright and early to be to tulsa by 8:15. in case you are wondering, elder christofferson also gets his hair cut at the same barber i used to go to. pretty neat, or at least i think so.

Anyways, i need to go. love you!

-Elder Olsen.

On Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 11:29 PM, <> wrote:
Hi there!!

So I did the song title for my subject this time!! It's a Paul McCartney song in case you didn't know. Anyway did you get the Valentine package I sent? I hope so because it was delivered on Saturday. I haven't found the game yet but I haven't been shopping much either. I don't seem to have much time these days. I am sure I will be able to find it somewhere.

It's Dad's birthday today and everyone came over for dinner and Phillip and Anna called. Dad wanted Cashew Chicken so I made that and a Red Velvet Cake. The Cashew Chicken recipe was better than the last recipe that I used so that was good. Dad got a new printer for the computer from Jeremy, Ryan and Carolyn. Hilary and Robert gave him a new alarm clock and I gave him concert tickets to see The Piano Guys. They will be here in July at USANA.

I am not planning on hearing from you tomorrow(President's Day) but it would be a nice surprise if I did. There was one time you went to a members house and emailed on a holiday. I can't remember if you were in Cassville or Prairie Grove.

Tell me how everything is going? Was is transfer week? Our Elders told us it is next weekend but I thought you told me it was this weekend that you would get the calls? Did the baptism happen and how was it? Did you remember to take pictures this time? I would really like to see a picture of you again soon. I know that it might not happen as long as you are in Ava and that is okay.

I was thinking I would write you a short letter now and then write one and mail to you but if you happened to get transferred you might not get it so I will just write one today I guess.

Dad and I were able to go to visit a less active sister last night with the missionaries. It was a great meeting. The sister was coming to church all the time when the Sisters were here and I used to go visit her with them. She hasn't really been coming to church much since the Sisters left and the Elders haven't had much luck making contact with her until last night. They were able to talk to her and get to know her better and she bore her testimony to us and they left her a challenge. The spirit was really strong. It was so great to go visit with the missionaries again. It was the first time I had been able to go since the Sisters left because I can't go alone with the Elder's. Bishop asked if Dad would go with us to see this Sister because they hadn't been successful trying to go with anyone else. He agreed and so we were able to go. The Elders were also able to set up follow up appointments with her for every Saturday night at 8.

This week is Ward conference and we will be going with the Stake leaders to do more visits. I really do like this when we go but then I go visit people all of the time. It's one of my most favorite things that I do. That is really all I have to do for Ward Conference so that is great.

How is the weather there? It seems like the temperatures there have been pretty close to ours this week but hopefully you don't have the bad air and the inversion. It has been really bad but we did have a small storm today and the high pressure is breaking up just a bit so hopefully that will help a little bit. Phillip has been having great weather in the 70's and 80's. I think I should go and visit them every January and February.

It is so good to hear that you are enjoying being in Ava. Small towns can be really great.

Hilary and Robert bought a car this week. It is a 2012 Honda Accord. They seem to really like it and I think they got a pretty good deal on it.
Hilary will probably tell you more about that.

Tell me everything that's been happening. Tell me all about how the work is going and how your investigators are doing.

I won't make this too long because I know that you still don't have much time to read to many emails.

My scripture this week is 2 Nephi 2:28

28 And now, my sons, I would that ye should look to the great Mediator, and hearken unto his great commandments; and be faithful unto his words, and choose eternal life, according to the will of his Holy Spirit;

The whole chapter is really good but I like this scripture a lot.

Take care of yourself, obey the rules, pray always, wash you sheets and enjoy your mission.

I will love you forever


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