February 8, 2016


Ava, MO


Elder Walker

Thanks For The Memories

hey everyone! so as i promised last week, this week would be better. or so we hope. i have a little bit more time so lets get to it!

who cares what happened monday? just played some basketball, that was about it.

i also happened to have forgotten my planner, so.. yeah ill see what i can do. i dont remember tuesday at all. this week was a blur. oh wait! i went over to houston.... missouri! we went on exchanges, thats right. so that was about it. talked with a bunch of people i have never met before and may never meet again. but all in all it was a really cool day.

Wednesday had a solid grade c district meeting. exchanged back, dont remember much from there.

Thursday: i can recall weekly planning which we all know just exactly how i feel about that. and thats about all i remember.

Friday: i got nothing for ya on that one.

Saturday was quite the day. first off we were out playing frisbee in the park with our investigators. and as rediculous as this sounds he is a levite, as in, from the tribe of levi, and also happens to be a hardcore biker. well he was. isnt anymore. so you with me? a levite biker just straight up took my phone away from me and wouldnt give it back until we were done playing frisbee. it was pretty funny overall. then that night we had a bbq and played this marbles game with this family. their name is the nettles and sister nettles was running her mouth, but im like please i wreck the creator of this game every thursday night. and so brother winterton and sister nettles were like on a team? never played that way before so then i was all confused cause ive never done teams before and theyre now at this point talking some trash about how they think we have never played dirty marbles before cause we dont even know how to play teams. anyways, long story short, they ran their mouths, we already know mine was running. and anyways, the alpha male was established real quick. thats right we killed it. so then that night we were supposed to go see this less active named del. we were supposed to meet up with our wml at the church at 7:30 and head out from there. but dinner ran waay late so we showed up at 7:50 and so under pressure i didnt do well. so we went down the wrong highway to start. busted out the area's trusty tom tom gps. yeah about that. it took us down some sketchy back roads and we were soo close to getting there and all a sudden a road closed to thru traffic pops up... so at this point, were way late and so we rescheduled.

Sunday morning rolls around and who should show up? del! and he came to 2nd hour and the lesson was exactly what he needed to hear. it was crazy. saturday i was like ok why is this happening like, we needed to see him and now we cant even get there. then that happened, which prepared him hardcore for the lesson we had with him and our wml after church. it was one of the coolest things looking back at it. its how it was supposed to happen. so pretty neat experience this week.

so the thought of the week comes from 2nd nephi 10: 23.

23 Therefore, cheer up your hearts, and remember that ye are free to act for yourselves—to choose the way of everlasting death or the way of eternal life.

"we are agents unto ourselves free to act according to our desires." - unknown

Anyways, i love you all! have a great week!

-Elder Olsen


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