February 1, 2016


Ava, MO


Elder Walker

Been thinking about you

hi mom! so my letter last week wont be there until tomorrow. i sent a package of some stuff i didnt need. so it will get there tomorrow.

i am over in west plains right now so ill have to keep it short today. so we have potentially 3 baptisms for the 13 of February. so were pretty excited about that.

so yeah the weather this past week was really pretty nice! it made me really excited for everything to be green again. i absolutely loved the whole small town culture in the summer on the town square (cassville) prairie grove didnt have a square. but yeah the town would have get togethers and i just remember everything being green and the whole town would be together. i loved it.

so no i dont really get to go bowling much. thinking about the art night, there are two pottery studios on the town square so one of these days im going to go in and see what i can talk them into.

so yep my companion is from rexburg idaho and he is a pretty cool guy. he did just come from tulsa. he's been out for about 9 months. he came out with elder hall. he was trained in a small town called grove, oklahoma so he's pretty used to small towns.

but i need to get going again. i love you! have a good week! i may not be able to get a letter out this week, but ill try.

-Elder Olsen.

On Sun, Jan 31, 2016 at 11:03 PM, <> wrote:
Hello Elder Olsen!!

I have been thinking about you a lot this week. I think about you a lot every week actually everyday this week I just had some reminders of you. I went to a meeting at Granite District and saw an advertisement for Granite's Art Night Live!! I was just remembering the day you went and how much I liked being there with you. In some ways it feels like a long time ago and in some ways it feels like it was not long ago at all. I always think about you whenever I go to Granite District anyway because Bon Wood bowling is right there. Do you ever get to bowl at all? I know you did a little bit when you were in Cassville but you haven't said anything recently so I just assume that you maybe haven't.

I started wondering how your new companion is adjusting to being in such a small town atmosphere. Didn't you say he came from Tulsa? That is probably very different. Small towns can be really nice though but I don't know if I would really like to live in one though.

I had to teach part of the 5th Sunday lesson today. Actually I took most of the time but to be fair I was also presenting for the Elder's Quorum President who moved. I had chosen to teach the part on the Sacrament and Brother Wadsworth had chosen to teach the part on Reverence. It got all confused somehow and Brother Wadsworth prepared the part on the Sacrament and then asked me if I could do the part on Reverence. These were the Sabbath Day trainings from the Apostles, maybe you have seen them. We have watched them in Ward Council. Anyway I prepared and taught the part about the Sabbath being a delight and the part about reverence. Then Larry was doing his part and someone pulled the fire alarm so we all had to exit the building. It was almost time to be out anyway and we didn't have anytime to discuss any of it. I think I will go ahead and teach it for my next lesson in March. I figure it will be a good time to talk about the Sacrament anyway because Easter is in March this year and so I will just teach lesson about the Savior and the sacrament. I am always happy to have my idea for my next lesson. The fire alarm actually worked really well for me today.

One of my favorite quotes from the Reverence training was from Sister Wixom. She said. "The root of reverence love. Love for our Heavenly Father, His son Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice. It is also the love for children and families." That isn't an exact quote but it was close to that. I really liked it and I actually really enjoyed preparing the section on reverence even though I thought I might not.

Dad keeps me informed of how your weather is and I must say I have been pretty jealous this weekend. We have been cold and snowy and you seem to be in the 50's. Dad checked your temperature a couple of times today along with Phil's and you were warmer than Phil. Maybe our storms will be headed your way later this week. It seems to me that your winter last year was worse than this year. Is that true or does it just seem that way to me. You did of course have all that rain that was horrible. We are having a much better snow year this year than last year so that is good. I'm not sure if we are making up any ground with the water or not but the weather people aren't telling us what a bad water year we are having either so that is good. It seems to storm just about every week. Jeremy and Ryan are thinking about going skiing this week or weekend. I don't think they went at all last year.

I will go for now and will write you another letter to mail. I take it you didn't write one to me this week either. If you did I didn't get it yet.

Take care of yourself, pray always, serve others and be happy.

I will love you forever


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