January 25, 2016


Ava, MO


Elder Henderson

Now Testify!

Alright everyone, so i received quite a bit of emails about my eye. yes im ok! im no longer experiencing any pain or any other lingering injury due to this catastrophic event. ok well maybe it wasnt quite that exciting, but it wasnt too bad!

so monday we did the whole laundry, shop, clean, wish we could play monopoly or clue but we cant cause we dont have it, thing.

Then on tuesday thanks to the library being closed we got to do our emailing then instead. but nothing to complain about. it wasnt as bad as i make it sound. but the real deal went down on tuesday. so here we are going on an exchange with this 88 year old man in the ward. and he rolls up in his super beat up, rear wheel drive ford ranger. as we get in he points out that the rain hitting his windshield is freezing. didnt think too much of it. so then we head up to the nursing home which is on a ginormous hill whichever way you go. ok, you with me so far? so we go inside and the roads were still fine and dandy. we come out of there maybe 2 hours later and everything is just iced over. and so he was like "im not down to drive down this hill" ok not quite a direct quote but it was to that extent. so were like yeah i dont blame you. so were like umm what do we do? keep in mind were basically out in this parking lot ice skating around. so we are like well, this one member has an office just across the street we could walk down and he's got a nice big truck he could take us home in. so we go check out the scenery, nope. no one is there. umm, lets head back inside and call someone. we take a couple steps towards the building when our member is just like nope, were going to the gas station down there. cause if someone comes up here then they have to go down this hill too. good call so we turn back around and what do you know, the member across the street pulled up to the office!! so i figure we will take the road down and just walk it. nope. our 88 year old member wasnt about that. so basically we scaled this way steep hillside covered in little trees and rocks and if it werent for those trees basically growing horizontally out of this cliff face i think i wouldve just gone straight down. (there may be a little exaggeration added for emphasis.) so anyway, i guess this member were with is part mountain goat cause he got down this thing in about 3 seconds flat and just started running across the street. thats right. this 88 year old man beat us down there. he was like at the office by the time we got down the hill and started crossing the highway. so anyway, this member then takes us home and the other guy home too. then we geared up and just walked from then. we were going down this huge hill and i have basically worn this pair of shoes my entire mission so i have about negative 5 tractions on the bottom of these bad boys. so i took about 3 steps and gravity took me basically the rest of the way. it was almost as if i was skiing again. it was all fun and games till i started drifting off to the side towards the drainage ditch so i came up to the edge of it and jumped, landed safely on the other side on someones lawn, which also, happens to be covered in ice, so i just kept on going through their yard and across their driveway then i finally come to a halt . walked up their drive way and back out on to the road. it was pretty awesome im not gonna lie right now. annnd that was tuesday.

Wednesday we had this big world wide mission conference which was pretty cool. we went out to mt. grove and watched it as a district and while waiting for the building keys to arrive we all decided to play soccer in the parking lot even if its covered in snow and ice. basically everyone just ran around and would slide every now and then, except me. i could hardly stay standing in the same place without the ice trying to take me elsewhere. it was a lot of fun. though.

Thursday: it snowed a little bit more. ok so by "snow" i mean it dusted both nights and they cancelled school for like a week because yeah the main roads were fine but the dirt roads were slick. yeah, they were, let me tell you that, but hey, i didnt die on them. oh well. umm we weekly planned which is always not the best thing i ve ever done.

Friday: so theres this guy in this area, i dont really know how to explain him. anyways, lets just say, hes crazy, but hes great, but hes not, but he is. i dont really know. thats about as far as ill go. anyways he's working on quitting smoking so he's asked us to come over everyday and kinda support him and stuff. so one of these days, i dont remember which day it was but we were talking about music one day and then he was saying something i dont remember what it was but, i can know say i know the meaning behind the name of the band "rage against the machine" no need to go into that, but just thought it was cool. which is where the title of this email comes from as well, and no you dont need to go look this one up. theyre maybe a bit more crazy than most of you would like. but to each his own i guess. anyways, so yeah that was the day. and when we were over there he let out his dog which he doesnt do very often cause they never know how he is going to react to new people. and anyway this dog was cool with us. seriously like one of the biggest dogs i have ever seen in person. he is a great Pyrenees mixed with a commodore? something like that. anyway its about 170 pounds. i will definitely have pictures with him soon.

Saturday: just the usual missionary work. i would go into detail but i dont really have a ton of time.

Sunday: kind of the same deal. church was great. the work was great. saw a lot of people, ate really good food. cant complain.

so the scripture for the week comes from the book of moses 5: 9-11. the lesson on sunday in gospel principles was about adam and eve and this scripture was brought up and its just really cool that we have the knowledge that we have about adam and eve, cause ive heard a lot of different beliefs on it since ive been out here. anyways, that was the week!

i love you all! if i die, you'll probably hear about it. if you dont hear anything, just assume im ok!

-Elder Olsen.


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