January 18, 2016


Ava, MO


Elder Henderson

Cause Its a Bittersweet Symphony

Ok so this week i wanted to start off with a scripture and you will all find its relevance here shortly. its matthew 7:1-5. its talking about the beam and the mote in our eye, and not judging. ok, everyone with me so far?

Monday: dont really remember too much. oh! with some extra christmas money i got some tan joggers. those are quite nice i must say. umm, that was the highlight of my monday.

Tuesday: now were getting into the nitty gritty. ok, so here we are, wayyy out in the boonies cutting some wood for this guy in the ward. dont worry, i still have all of my body parts, almost lost one of much importance, and we'll talk about that now. remember the scripture at the beginning of the email? ok, heres where it comes in. so here i am, moving some logs into the bed of this truck and all a sudden i cant see nothing out my right eye. ohhhh no. so i walk away for a sec and keep grabbing my eye lid and bringing it down to get it out. but that bad boy is just going to town all up on my eyeball. so they take me to the house, give me some eyedrops and after about a half hour of washing out me eye ok more like 10 minutes but it felt like an eternity, we decided that i had some wood go in there, scratch my eye and it was probably out. at this point in time my eye is pretty red, my visions a little blurry, my eyeball and eye lid are on fire, so they just had me chill in the truck for the rest of the project. we finish up, head back in to town, then go to our lunch appoinment which we were already late to. thats right, im a trooper. then we decide its time to get this checked out. well, we decided that a while back, but it was now time to get it done. so we head over to the urgent care, then they called the eye doctor in town and talked to him and they told us to head over there. so we go over there they bring me in. put this colored dye stuff in my eye, then he takes a look in there with this magnifying type deal with a blue light attached to it. "yep, there seems to be a splinter stuck in your cornea." *lifts up my eye lid* "and everytime you blink it is scratching your eye lid. does your eye lid feel kind of irritated?" oh yeah it did. so he then puts some eye numbing drops in my eye, and it was the weirdest feeling ever. it was like getting your mouth numbed when going to the dentist but it was my eye.. thats the best i can do to explain. then he is now looking through his magnifying deal again, and at this point has tweezers and my head is in this head rest thing, and so he says "now, dont blink!" as my eyes are wide open and he's jut straight up coming at one of my eyes with tweezers. i have never been more terrified in my life. anyways, my prayers were answered! the splinter was successfully removed, and he sent me on my way to the pharmacy to get some anti-biotic eyedrops. my eyesight is back to normal and i have now been off the eyedrops for two days now without any pain. so yeah, that was tuesday.

wednesday: i really dont remember much cause well lets face it, after tuesday not much would "stick out" for the rest of the week. im hilarious

Thursday: transfers! gotta love em. went to mt. vernon at way too early in the morning, spent the day in a mcdonalds parking lot with some of the best people youll ever meet, saw some of my cassvillians again too! then my companion arrived at like 3 o clock. nice kid. straight from the heart of the beast. he came from tulsa to ava. straight up like the biggest difference you could imagine. but he's a nice kid from the burg. (rexburg, idaho) then the rest of the day was spent introducing him to everyone.

Friday: and thats also how friday was spent. introducing elder walker to everyone.

Saturday:... like i said, the week was just kind of a blur after tuesday. and yes, that was a reference to my vision. which is no longer blurry by the way! im still hilarious.

Sunday: yeah, i got nothing.

Monday: yesterday being MLK day the library was closed. which is why were now currently emailing. so we just did the usual P-day stuff minus the whole emailing thing.

anyways, thats the week everyone! I love you all!

-Elder Olsen.


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