January 11, 2016


Ava, MO


Elder Henderson

The Midwest Feels Like a Hollow Place. Filled With Love and Industry.

Alright everyone its time to get your hitch outta yer giddy up and gather round to hear all about the successes, failures, and other fortunes/misfortunes of our well loved, (and incredibly handsome, i might add) Elder Olsen.

Now im sure you are all thinking "man i really hope this kid doesnt do another 3rd person email. that one way back in his prairie grove days were just exhausting and way to cheesy. plus i think i thinks a llittle highly of himself." well, youre right. that was rather exhausting.

so anyways, back to reality, oh, there goes gravity.

ok for real this time.

so monday was.. i dont really remember. but we played some axis and allies with this guy in our ward who just got back from his mission like a month ago which was pretty fun. i would def. recommend.

Tuesday: oh wait... that was tuesday. we had a funeral monday. thats right. ok everyone with me so far? (we got permission to swap our p-day. minus the emailing part. which we made up for tuesday morning with some solid wood cutting service) totes dropped that like 400 pound log on my hand. i have NO idea how my hand did not break. all i know is i was definitely being looked out for!

Wednesday: so were traveling out to our weekly district meeting. this time its way out in the boonies. it was a combined but not combined district meeting and a zone lunch afterwards way out in west plains missoura. and along the way im tearing up the road. (or as much as you can with a tiwi) as we pass a sign that said "siloam springs: 2" i kid you not i had a minor heart attack. i thought for sure i was on my way back to the spring deezy. cause life is easy when youre serving in spring deezy. or so i hear. then anyways, after a little more panic mode we arrived in west plains and you know, i thought never in my lifetime would i ever have thought a town of about 11,000 would be big. but man i sure did feel a little large. then threw down in some ball with THE elder hawkins and elder hess while waiting for our meal to be prepared after our seperate district meetings had adjourned. (shoutout to all who made that meal happen) anyways, long story short, elder hawkins was anticipating i would swat block him (rightfully so) but i didnt, brick, lands in a sisters meal and spills everywhere. that was the end of that. then exchanged with elder huffman who i served with like 6 months ago way back in my early prairie grove days. on this exchange we went out to a hospital (oh, this is in Mountain Home, Arkansas by the way) beautiful lakes. ok so anyways, we go visit this guy and basically just had to dress for war to visit him. im talking we were pretty much in hasmat suits. took some great selfies, and off we went out to continue teaching and preaching and working as missionaries do.

Thursday: nearly crashed, exchanged back, weekly planned, called the doctor like 5 times cause elder henderson's poison oak came back YET AGAIN. went to our dinner appointment, got a referral! score one for us! i love referrals. but anyways, went out to the less active's house, (because of health reasons. if he could be active he would be.) went and played this marble game he made up and in wrecked yet again.

Friday: the transfer call anticipation has grown strong for our two young missionaries. did some painting. moved some exercise equipment, you know, missionary work. then went out to the nursing home which is literally the most draining activity. i love it but man it wears you down.

Saturday: i dont really know how to go about talking about saturday: it was good though. went to our ward service project, saw some more less actives at the nursing home we werent able to make it to the day before. saw yet some more less actives and helped them move a stove in cause there's caught on fire earlier that day. then went out to like the very edge to see some more less actives. all throughout the day receiving texts on how transfers are going to be a little crazy and how calls werent coming until sunday and how we needed to use sunday to prepare ourselves for the call. then that night at 10 o clock i get a call from elder huffman telling me he has transfer calls. then get a call from my other zone leader with our transfer calls. anyways, i guess i just do everything 6 months at a time. cassville, prairie grove, i guess district leader (i have another transfer ahead of continuing to be a district leader, and i am staying here in ava. im getting an elder named elder walker. nice kid. we'll do well.

Sunday: church, saw some people for elder henderson to say goodbye, ate dinner, said goodbye there, went and said goodbye to others, got yelled at. just the average "im getting transferred" week.

So yeah that was the week. it was quite busy but it was pretty good!

so the scripture i wanted to leave with y'all is 1 cor. chapter 13. just the whole thing. its been one i look to a lot on my mission. its a good one!

Anyways, i love you all! stay pop punk!
oh and also, im sure you are all wondering why i brought up going bald last week. well, i dont really know where it came from. it just hit me on day that i really dont wanna go bald. i enjoy my hair and love getting haircuts so that would be rather depressing to no longer have that. and i decided that my life would just fall apart if i ever went bald, if i had my life together by that point. (lose my wife, kids, job. all that jazz) but if it happens before all that happens then my life just wouldnt even have a chance to start. i realize i may be over exaggerating this a little bit.but hey it makes for a good story. but on the real though, and i mean no offense to anyone who is bald, but like i really am scared of going bald. which is weird cause its not even happening to me.


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