January 4, 2016


Ava, MO


Elder Henderson

The Napping House

so yes our apartment complex got sprayed, but not our apartment, and our apartment still hasnt been sprayed. but were thinking it may be fleas after all. (hopefully)

so i think letters usually if they get picked up from the post office on mondays usually arrive here about thursday.

and yes elder averett is calling us a few times a week so we will keep him posted on everything. but we think we may have gotten them. the diatemaceous earth kills fleas and bed bugs we heard from everyone and we put that stuff everywhere. i havent gotten any more bites in at least 5 or 6 days.

oh one time i had a substitute in Jr high and he shared with us the shortest poem of all time. it was called: "Fleas" and it goes like this: Adam Hadm. i thought it was pretty clever.

so anyways yeah writing seems to be going alright. anyways, i need to go for now. love you!

On Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 7:16 AM, <> wrote:
Well Hello Elder Olsen!!

How are you doing? How is the flooding? I hope you haven't driven into anymore walls of water. Is everyone okay? I heard that the governor of Missouri called a state of emergency. I hope everything is doing better now. I know that the river is supposed to peak soon. Was it today? It seemed to be pretty scary stuff. Have you been doing any service to help people that have been affected by the weather?

I will keep this short and then write another letter later. I hope that is working for you.

I do want to tell you that I have been in contact with Sister Loveland about your bug problem hence the title of this email. I will give you the reference in case you don't know it.

And on that mouse there is a flea
Can it be?
A wakeful flea who bites the mouse,
who scares the cat,
who claws the dog,
who thumps the child,
who bumps the granny,
who breaks the bed,
in the napping house
where no one now is sleeping.

It was the only thing I could think of the included a reference to fleas.
So as I was saying I have been in contact with Sister Loveland. She is so very nice and was unaware that you were having problems with bugs. I understand that the apartment complex had sprayed an apartment for fleas then the fleas moved into your apartment. Is that what happened? She told me that they sprayed your apartment right away, like that day or the next. So I am hoping that it helped and that your bug problem is gone. She said the Elder Averett would follow up with you in a few days to make sure that it was taken care of. If not please follow up with him or if you want I can email Sister Loveland again. She said she is very glad to help. It also seemed to get things done that way. I emailed her because I couldn't find President Loveland's email address anywhere and a Sister on the Arkansas Bentonville Facebook page gave me Sister Loveland email.

I also wanted to tell you that your mission has a blog page that I follow. They posted some pictures of your Christmas conference. I saw one of you while you were sitting at the table. It made me happy to see your cute face.

Tell me everything that you have been doing. I will go for now but send you another letter in the mail. How long do the letters take to get there?
What did you do for New Year's? Just think one year ago on New Year's Day you arrived in Cassville, MO. Pretty cool don't you think?

Oh one more thing. I got the letter that you sent and the picture. I think there was supposed to be some jewelry in the envelope but it had torn open and fallen out. I am quite sad. Please tell the sister that made it thank you very much from me. That was so sweet and thoughtful of her to make it for me.

Take care of yourself, be obedient, don't drive through deep water.

I will love you forever.


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