January 4, 2016


Ava, MO


Elder Henderson

You Can Only Blame Your Problems On The World For So Long

so here we are on yet another brisk January monday morning emailing at the public library in the middle of nowhere missouri. feels awfully familiar doesnt it? thats cause i was doing this one year ago in THE Cassville, Missouri. thats right. one year ago on the first of January i set foot into what we call *insert clever quote here then put the word "days" at the end of it* how neat is that?!

so i guess we will just get down to business.

First things first im the realest: DO NOT drive over flooded areas. i realize those of you in Utah dont really have to much of a problem with this. but last monday we lost a ward member crossing a flooded bridge and it swept him off and so today is his funeral. sad situation. so do not do that! i realize i have been known to do that in my past but this made it pretty real. just getting real there for a second.

Monday: monday was the usual cassville/ava P-day. email, laundry, basketball, clean. nothing too exciting. but like i said, i wasnt going to complain about that anymore.

tuesdsay: we went to war with these awful creatures whether it be bed bugs or fleas or who knows what is attacking us. we went and bought a pound of this stuff calle Diatemaceous Earth and just threw that stuff all over the apartment. i think were winning. tracted, got some return appointments, didnt, you know, missionary work and stuff.

Wednesday: we had district meeting which i guess wasnt so bad. then went and did some more missionary work and stuff, taught some people, went to the old folks home, and saw just a few of our people in there, had a rather inneresting dinner. taught some less actives, you know, missionary work.

Thursday: many of you know, and many of you dont, ok all of you know that im not a big fan of weekly planning. what better way to ruin Christmas eve and New years eve? but anyways, had a really solid lesson that day as well, and set a baptismal date. you know, missionary work. weekly planned, had a dinner appointment, saw a less active and played some board games with him and such. missionary work. no big deal.

Friday: This was the day my father got his firstborn, the day i set foot in the mission field, the day i realized that i was most definitely not ready for this whole "missionary work" thing. the day i realized i was in the middle of nowhere and didnt know a single person, not even my companion, like, was i even going to make it a year? of course not. well, we all see how well my thoughts about that turned out. anyways, so to wrap up friday: got really cassville trunky, (that means i missed that place more than anything for those of you not aware of the "lingo") watched the winter classic, ok not really, but i sure would have enjoyed doing so. we were at the nursing home visiting those who we didnt get to on tuesday and i heard in one of the other rooms the winter classic going on and it was playing some star wars hype music to get everyone stoked and it kinda made me more trunky, then had dinner at this old guy's house who basically lives off of vegetables. i kid you not. salad, no dressing, the dressing is home made salsa, squash, sweet potatoes, some vegetable stew stuff, you name it. we had it. you know, missionary work.

Saturday: not a whole lot, had a lesson with a guy who could believe in the book of mormon if it was "prophesized" in the bible, which we showed him where it was but we'll see where that goes. that night we had dinner at a less active/ part member family's house, you know, missionary work and such.

Sunday: umm mostly just finding. contacting formers, tracting, going to our appointments only to find out that that person wasnt home or was about to dip. you know, missionary work.

so anyways, im sure you are all wondering why the title of email? well, i dont really know. most of you know im in love with fall out boy. old. not new. theyre no longer fall out boy to me. theyre sell out boy. anyways, thats another story. this song was stuck in my head this week. now i kind of just assume everyone goes and listens to these songs that i give to you all for your enjoyment each week. although i realize that may be a little far-fetched. but for those of you faithful listeners its "The (Shipped) Gold Standard." from not sell out boy.

and the scripture to top it all off is: 2 nephi 29:7. it really is a blessing to have more than just the bible. we have another testament of jesus christ. why not more scripture?

anyways, thats been my week. i love you all!

-Elder Olsen.
oh and so i dont have the time to explain so i will do so next week, and im sorry to all of you who this may offend. but this week i had a scary realization that i am terrified to go bald. so basically, im only offending the bald ones, so im sorry. but like, im not even losing my hair either. my comp found it pretty funny. ill go into my whole theory next week.


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