December 28, 2015


Ava, MO


Elder Henderson

It was so great to talk to you

no he hasnt gotten his package yet, its on its way though. so yeah im going to write everyone who sent me a tie so im going to have to keep this short. no i dont know what were doing for new years eve. umm oh yeah you can call president about the bed bugs. i didnt want it to be a big deal but at this point i dont really care.

yes the clothes fit. my new jacket is loosening up quite nicely. today at some point were going to go to the church and play some basketball so i get to try out my shoes! they fit really well. thank you! anyways, im going to go write those guys, ill send you a letter this week.

love you!

On Sun, Dec 27, 2015 at 10:15 PM, <> wrote:
Hello again!!

It was so great to talk to you on Christmas!! You look really good and happy. Tell me about the rest of you day. What did you do? Did Elder Henderson ever get his Christmas package? I hope so. Was he in your area before?

Did all the clothes we sent you fit? How did the shirts and pants fit? Did the shoes fit? I certainly hope so. Also maybe it would be nice if you thanked all the men that gave me a tie to send to you. I thought it was really nice of them to do that. I really hoped that you like that present. It seemed to me to be one that you would really like.

I will keep this email short and then write you another letter to mail also.

There were a couple of things that I forgot to tell you on Christmas. The first thing was that Bishop and Sister Hansen brought us over two of your favorite things for Christmas this year. Can you guess? They brought Strawberry lemonade and pecan pie from Village Inn and we were supposed to tell you when we talked to you on Christmas. We shared them with the Elders on Christmas Eve. Only one of them had the pecan pie though. We also had lemon meringue pie from Marie Callendars. The other thing was much sadder. John and Cindy Salazar's grandson, Isaac, was diagnosed with leukemia and is Primary Children's hospital. They are asking people to pray for him so if you would please include him in your prayers that would be very appreciated. John also happens to be deployed right now so that is hard on everyone.

I couldn't tell if you wanted me to try to email President Loveland about the bedbugs or not. Let me know. I will be happy to email or call. I do think something needs to be done professionally however. I don't know that you can get rid of them on your own. They have maybe improved home remedies so I am not sure.

What are your plans for New Year's? Is it just working as usual or do you have other things that you do?

I heard that the weather there turned really bad. Please drive safely and stay warm!!

I sent you a scripture in my other letter. I have been writing them at the same time. I hope I remember to tell you everything that way.

Take care of yourself, work on the bedbugs, be obedient, work hard, pray always and enjoy your misison!!

I will love you forever,


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