December 28, 2015


Ava, MO


Elder Henderson

Here Comes the Sun

Well everyone this week went by rather fast. it feels as though it has only been 6 days since i last emailed y'allins. hmm but besides that its been a good week for sure. im really kind of just not feeling emailing right now so everyone bear with me.

Monday: wait.. i went over that last week. quick recap: get lost in the suburbs of springfield on our way to the hospital after the mission wide conference, find our way out, get lost again, find the hospital, oh hey this one is closed lets go to the other one. get lost again, run a red light, stop at a green, find the hospital, get prescription, head to walgreens, oh the pharmacy is closed, head to the other walgreens with a 24 hour pharmacy, get our picture taken randomly in the middle of an intersection of springfield missouri at like 11 at night, find the walgreens, while waiting for the prescription to fill go to stake n shake, do after hours missionary work, (OTM'ed the cashiers at like 11:30) get the prescription, get lost trying to find the free way, eventually find our way back then on our way back to the metropolis of AVA. population: .... not even 3,000. (by the way it was all approved)

Tuesday: P-day. fought those bed bugs hard. and we have decided its an uphill battle and that they are currently winning the fight.. we'll come back swinging though.

Wednesday: dont really remember much. played some pool with an active family and guess who was alpha male? most definitely not me. i actually got wrecked. this guy was way good. but hey i was number 2 so thats not bad!

Christmas eve: we weekly planned like it was nobodies business. tracted, contacted formers, same ol. i was able to call elder gehring that night and read luke 2 so that was good. i hope you all read that at least once this week! also, that night went and played games some more with the funniest less active youve ever met.

Christmas day: got to skype home! shoutout to all you back home! and guess what.. theres some mighty pow to be shred back there. so get your hitch out of your giddy up and get out there and shred that gnar! went to the senior center and got to visit with some folks there which im sure they needed. got a bunch of ties from a bunch of people back home too! so thank you to all them! ill be sending out letters shortly hopefully. and to all you who are hating on my grammar alls i can say is too bad. cause im aware some of you arent a big fan of my grammar but, you try emailing and reading 30 emails in an hour. its hard to do. ok, enough of my rant. that night we went out to a way cool members house and played this way stupid card game called "the game is mao." i think thats how its spelled. its so rediculous and stressful but way fun. i guess.

saturday: everyone tells us about this huge storm coming in and im like yeah ive heard it all before. lets talk about how thanksgiving we were supposed to get 4-8 inches of rain and got like maybe 2. were over at this investigators house doing some service in his basement and all of a sudden you just hear explosions going on out there. lightning was striking all around the house. then water starts pouring into the basement. oh this'll be fun. anyways, it rained super hard for the rest of the day. that night at dinner we walk in to their house and they have the news on and theyre talking about how cassvile was getting slammed and is under tornado warning and the biggest part of the storm was just wrecking barry county and i just about started crying right there. but dont you all worry about me i made through that alive.

Sunday: it rained even more. everyone remember my flood experience this past summer out in prairie grove? this could have swallowed the prairie grove flood. we were driving these dirt roads (surprise surprise) and we see this sign that says "impassable during high water." i think by this point we had had about 6 or 7 inches and i see this little driveway with a litte stream going over it and im just like really thats it? turn the corner, BOOM theres just this moving lake right in front of us. and out in the middle of this lake you can see a street sign just barely poking out of the water. yeah no thanks. we eventually found our way to our appointment, but we had 2 of those experiences before we got there. it was fun. that night on our drive home were on the home stretch, i can literally see the bed bugs in our apartment at this point (ok, not really but we were close) and i guess there was a river running down at least half of the street, the roads had been wet all day and it was dark out so i couldnt see it, im going about 35 or 40 and all of a sudden just this massive wall of water shoots up and completely covers our TRUCK and i cant see anything and i just held the steering wheel straight for dear life. about 5 seconds later the wall drops and we can see again and were right at the entrance to our apartment complex. no big deal. by the way everyone by last night at 8 o clock, springfield measured just about 9 inches. and its still raining. ive never seen so much rain in my life. hence the title of the email. beatles. classic.

anyways, that was the week. not so bad for not wanting to email eh?

so this morning i decided to start reading the book of mormon again and i really liked the 3rd verse. 1 nephi 1:1. bearing testimony just right off. i thought it was cool.

anyways, i love you all! i think the rest of our P-day festivities will be reading about noah and trying to re-build the ark. dont drown. either water or powder, dont do it.

-Elder Olsen.


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