December 22, 2015


Ava, MO


Elder Henderson

I Wont Be Home For Christmas

Well alright everyone so here we are with another week, (and a day) seeing that it is indeed tuesday and not monday. i have some splainin to do. so here it is. yesterday the 21st we had a MISSION-WIDE christmas conference i am talking the biggest birthday party youve ever been to, the gnarliest pow you have ever slashed, the rowdiest mosh pit you have ever moshed in. it was the real deal. no messing around here.

so we will just jump into the week.

monday the usual nothing. actually we just had an missionary return home from his mission and so he wanted to chill with us so i went and displayed my dominance as alpha male at pool. he then busted out axis and allies. i can see myself getting addicted to that as bad as i did monopoly there for a bit.

tuesday i dont recall much. we did some service for this less active who has the biggest arrow head collection i have ever seen and he hooked us up with some! got 3 arrow heads so that was a good day. also, we went and got some more of that delicousness that is 25 cent ice cream and like for some odd reason pretty much everyone in there that day just started talking to us. we were in there for like an hour it was a blast.

also, i might just throw this out there that my sleep schedule is a bit out of whack currently cause of the whole conference, ill talk more about that in minute. so if something sounds off, i apologize.

wednesday we had a good district meeting then had pizza hut which is always fun. i havent been to a pizza hut since my cassville days, and were not just talking like a little over 6 months ago cassville days were talking, while with elder lopez cassville days. #wefrequentpizzahut

thursday: started off the day right, a member took us to pizza hut for lunch. (go figure) then we did the dreaded weekly planning which takes wayyy too long. that night (as some of you know, it was my year mark that day) we went to a members house for dinner and to burn my shirt! i got some great pics from that indeed. i would plug my camera in and try to send it out but... i cant. sorry everyone!

Friday i dont really recall much of friday. contacted formers, you know, the whole missionary work thing. ohhh, it just hit me why i dont recall what happened friday, thursday night we came to the conclusion that we have bed bugs. welcome to ava. so we spent majority of the day taking care of that. washing everything, going to walmart to get these things that slide over your matress and zip up so it kills them, except walmart ran out of them, so we just went and got like 600 sq. ft. of saran wrap instead and a bunch of tape. #problemsolvers and bought some bed bug spray which we did not use in a well ventilated area and may have done some damage, but i think ill be alright!

saturday: we fininshed it off, we polished off our war with the bed bugs and to my knowledge i think we established our dominance there.

sunday: oh yeah, totes sang in the ward choir. it sounded good i guess. not really a singer and can only sing what i hear but i was surrounded by people who actually know what their part was and what they were doing so i dont think i was too far off.

ok so yesterday was the day. we had to get up at 3:45 in the morning. the mountain home elders came up and stayed the night with us. (elder huffman and elder hawkins) elder hawkins is seriously like the funniest kid i know (aka: no chill) so we did that, made it to springfield by like 7. between traveling and having 4 elders use one shower, i think we did alright. ava is a little over an hour away from springfield so we did good time. had the conference, literally saw everyone from the mission all day long it was the best, dodgeball tournaments, christamas stuff, got 2 massive packages (shout out to mom) hung out with elder gehring and elder wilde the entire bus ride there from springfield to bentonville, hung out with elder pack alot of the day too, shoutout to him for the gifts! it was great. saw all my springdale zone homies throw down in the dodgeball tourney #represent. even got to spend some quality bonding time with my father which is always legendary. then that night, (background real quick so elder henderson got poison oak like way bad before i got there and it was going away, but came back strong, so he talked to the mission nurse who is hilarious i might add. anyways, she told us to go to the hospital that night.) ok back to the story, after the conference we got bussed back up to springfield and arrived there around 9 o clock. then tried to find our way through springfield to find a hospital we could go to. got lost a lot, ran a red light or two, stopped at a green light potentially, had some people at an intersection take pics of us being out way late, got lost some more. found the suburbs of springfield, the whole 9. anyways, long story short, we found the hospital, got his prescription, went to walgreens to get it filled, then while it was filling we went to stake n shake. at this point in time its like 11:30 (all approved) then did some after hours missionary work at the stake n shake while we were there. placed 2 cards what up. got the prescription, got lost again, made it on the freeway safe and sound around midnight. anyways, we got back to ava about 1 am. it was a party. literally the funniest night ever. no chill.

anyways, that was the week, im about to get the boot from the computer, i love you all! have a merry christmas!

oh! this weeks spiritual thought is to go and read luke 2! and also, one request, many of you remember listening to macys day parade on thanksgiving. this week on the 26th, i want you all to listen to boxing day by blink 182. you wont regret it. i promise. not even one letter of regret.

ok so two things i forgot to mention, well actually 3. 1. i guess i can ask the librarians for a time extension, so thats pretty neat! 2. A UTAH MAN AM I SIR I WILL BE TIL I DIE! Oh yes that was some great news to hear! the curse of max hall keeps going strong! look it up. its a thing. ever since then BYU hasnt won. just saying. 3. so with the recent change in the MTC making all elders speaking their native language stay a week longer in the MTC, that throws us off as well. so, if i have heard correctly, i will see you all in a year from tomorrow! its either tomorrow or yesterday to have us home a bit earlier. i dont know for sure, if not, then its a year from tomorrow. but yeah. thought id put that out there. have a merry christmas everyone! shred that pow!


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